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Erosion:: Erosion Korean Rules By: Morign
Erosion_Korean_v1.0.doc (47 KB)
Erosion Korean Rules. As I play this game, the rules may be updated.
Sep 18, 2010


Erosion:: Erosion Rules Spanish By: neosirio
Erosion reglas.pdf (97 KB)
Here is the spanish translation of the Erosion Living Rules.
Aug 23, 2010


Erosion:: Erosion English Living Rules (10-3-09).pdf By: kneumann
Erosion English Living Rules (10-3-09).pdf (161 KB)
Erosion English Living Rules (10-3-09).pdf
Oct 6, 2009


Erosion:: Diagram of card flow By: qwertymartin
erosion.jpg (79 KB)
Shows how cards flow in the basic game. Marbled effect is card back, grey is card front.
Sep 22, 2009