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Richelieu:: Richelieu Rules in Spanish v1.0 (posted with permission from Michael Schacht) By: guiosca
Richelieu_Rules_ES_v1.1.pdf (1.31 MB)
Las instrucciones requieren del paquete de fuentes Clearface que se puede obtener gratuitamente por Internet.
De todas formas, se actualiza el archivo pdf impreso como imagen para evitar problemas al abrirlo.
Aug 12, 2017
Richelieu_Rules_ES_v1.0.pdf (685 KB)
Instrucciones para el juego Richelieu de Michael Schacht, en el formato original de la versión alemana del juego. Preparadas para imprimir como libreto.

Rules for Michael Schacht's Richelieu, in the original German rules format. Ready to print as a booklet.
Sep 1, 2016


Richelieu:: DIY Box By: SiskNY
Game Box.pdf (2.53 MB)
Fits a Kosmos 2-player sized box.

Designed to print on legal sized paper. Regular weight paper is fine. I highly recommend laminating the box after completion. This is true even if the images are laser printed. Laser printed images won't hold up when the box is stacked or moved around with other boxes.

Cut chipboard as follows:

Top: 10 1/32" x 10 1/32"
Bottom: 9 25/32" x 9 27/32"

Score 1 1/8" from all sides and remove the square pieces from the corners. Then cut out artwork and apply with spray adhesive.
Aug 16, 2011


Richelieu:: Richelieu - Résumé des règles [F] By: skratt
Aide_Richelieu.pdf (461 KB)
Résumé des règles - aide de jeux
Aug 28, 2010


Richelieu:: pravidla czech By: paladin91
Richelieu_rules_cz.pdf (261 KB)
czech rules of richelieu
Apr 26, 2009


Richelieu:: Richelieu (Hoja para anotar puntuación) By: bravucon
Richelieu (plantillas de puntuación).pdf (42 KB)
Para anotar los puntos al final del juego.
Caben 3 en un A4.
Apr 8, 2009


Richelieu:: Disc Dominion-Sized Richelieu Counters By: Verkisto
Richelieu Counters.pdf (194 KB)
This is the same image that you would find on Michael Schacht's homepage, but I've taken the source image and resized it so that the markers are between 1-3/8 to 1-1/5 inches around. So if you have a circle punch that you used to make a Disc Dominion set (and some spare discs, too), these markers should be the perfect size to make some similar counters for Richelieu.
Mar 12, 2009


Richelieu:: Resumo das regras - Português By: laskera
richelieu - resumo.doc (213 KB)
Resumo e algumas dicas sobre o jogo, em português.
Jan 3, 2009


Richelieu:: Scoresheet By: Tony Kan
score.xls (170 KB)
scoresheet to print
use pen to count
May 1, 2008


Richelieu:: Chinese rule By: Tony Kan
Chinese rule.rtf (92 KB)
Chinese rule for this game.
Apr 29, 2008


Richelieu:: Richelieu_Español By: Manu Chao
Richelieu en Español.doc (684 KB)
Spanish rules for this game.
Apr 10, 2008


Richelieu:: Cards and backs in 8.5 x 11 layout By: SiskNY
Cards.pdf (1.46 MB)
Cards resized to bridge size (2.25" x 3.5") to better fit in card sleeves. Laid out to print on letter sized paper. I also added images for homemade card backs.
Mar 3, 2008


Richelieu:: Richelieu Scores.xls By: snoozefest
Richelieu Scores.xls (132 KB)
Excel spreadsheet to calculate scores.

Look here for my other player aids.

Jun 15, 2006


Richelieu:: Richelieu Scoretrack.pdf By: snoozefest
Richelieu Scoretrack.pdf (125 KB)
Use 1 marker per column to track net advantage; or use 2 markers, 1 per player. Can also track total scores in the gray areas.

Look here for my other player aids.

Jun 15, 2006


Richelieu:: richelieu_rules.pdf By: icheyne
richelieu_rules.pdf (94 KB)
Richelieu rules in PDF (for those without M$ Word)
May 9, 2006


Richelieu:: richelieu.PDF By: biso
richelieu.PDF (10 KB)
Reference sheet
Aug 13, 2004


Richelieu:: Richelieu rules.doc By: GeoMan
Richelieu rules.doc (71 KB)
Richelieu English Rules
Apr 9, 2003

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