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Europe Engulfed:: Mini-expansion: Cap of the North By: olofsundin
EE-Cap-of-the-North-and-Svalbard.pdf (4.04 MB)
Since I'm living in the Nordics, I've always felt that the map of Europe Engulfed ends right where it starts to get interesting. I therefore created a "mini-expansion" that includes the Cap of the North. That way it is possible for the Germans and Soviets to meet up in northern Finland. No rule changes should be needed in order to use it except that the Soviets now need to control Murmansk to receive lend-lease via the Atlantic in addition to the normal requirements.

I also added Svalbard since it was involved in the war, but it is not that tempting to invade unless you give the player controlling it some bonus (e.g. 1 extra WERP).

The map is meant to be printed on an A4 paper and preferably glued to cardboard. If you don't like to include Svalbard, you can just cut it off.

Suggestions are welcome.

I hope you like it!
Nov 25, 2015


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Helper Program By: rockhpi (2.53 MB)
Version 2.0 - This program is an assistant for Europe Engulfed - it calculates WERPs, remembers special case rules, performs combat die rolls, etc. Read the readme.doc before installing. I recommend uninstalling version 1 before installing this version.(Posted with permission of Rick Young)
Changelog v2
-Changed Italian Home areas to 5 WERPs apiece (was 8)
-Interceptor rolls were being handled backwards. Now, 6s rolled are HITS, and 5s rolled are HITS unless it's an Allied Raid after 1942 (when it is an EXCHANGE).
-Added clarifying text for Air Combat results.
-V-1 and V-2 points are now shown on the Production tab with U-Boats.
-Production maximums for V-1s, V-2s, U-Boats, and Aircraft are now shown when buying those points.
-Added more beachhead supply rules to the Supply and Op. Movement Tabs.
-Added mud rules to Breakthrough tabs.
-Fixed Default number of home areas for Britain.
-Fixed Minor Power WERPs multipliers for UK & Germany (Were 0 instead of 1)
-Reset Lend Lease to USSR & UK to 0 when tab 3B is selected or when "USA is at War" is selected.
-Fixed a bug where armor wasn't losing its bonus with fortifications present.
-Added some important dates on the first tab (we ruined our first game by allowing a North African invasion a year early!)
Aug 15, 2013


Europe Engulfed:: Scenario Cards By: DrMercy
EE_Scenario_Cards.pdf (432 KB)
Here are some cards I've made over the scenarios in the game.
I've done this to have an easy overview over the different scenarios and their victory conditions.

If anybody have any comments or suggestions please post here:

May 30, 2013


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Player Aids v.1.2 By: DrMercy
EE_Player_Aids.pdf (270 KB)
Sharing these player aids I've made. If anyone have any comments and/or corrections please share.
Print double sided with actual size.
Should give you 5 aids:
I) Germany with rules on backside.
II) Great Britain with rules on backside.
III) Soviet Union with rules on backside.
IV) Italy, Neutrals & Axis Minor Nations.
V) France & USA.

Enjoy and thank you to the developers for a great game.
May 21, 2013


Europe Engulfed:: EE Production Planner(v1) By: Hawkeye 6
EE Production Planner(v1).xlsx (107 KB)
This tool allows players to quickly design production plans and strategies and rapidly compare and constrast other strategies.
Nov 17, 2012


Europe Engulfed:: Production Sheets By: Granlid (316 KB)
Detailed production sheets split into Axis, Soviet and Western Allies. Version 1.0. Based on Heimdall's document.
Don't forget to "Recommend" if you find it useful.
Dec 12, 2011


Europe Engulfed:: Historical setup for the 1941 campaign game By: Konstantin
Historical setup 1941 for campaign game.rtf (2 KB)
This is a proposal of a historical setup for the 1941 campaign game.
Apr 25, 2011


Europe Engulfed:: Army Group Cards By: John GL
Simple cards for holding large numbers of blocks off-map, matched with the Army Group counters provided with the game.
Sep 18, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: Dice Roller for EE By: chargetheguns
Dice (18 KB)
Very simple spreadsheets (one for Excel and one for Open Office Calc) for "massive" dice rolling. For example, for use with a laptop next to your EE game. Works for any game rolling lots of d6, with hits scored on or above a certain target number. Must enable macros, and looks best with "show Row and Column headers" unchecked. Works most efficiently if "Move selection after Enter" is unchecked.
Aug 12, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: Homemade stickers to Europe Engulfed By: farmeriusz
Europe Engulfed - stickers.doc (1.31 MB)
I really dislike oryginal, ugly nato symbols on my blocks, so I made my own version.
You can see the effect on some pictures I added in gallery.
I love it - and it's your choice, if you use orignal or those ones.
I hope, you'll enjoy it.

Just print it as it is.
You can paste those stickers on orginal ones - if you will change your mind, you always can remove them to receive the orginal one.

Mainly, I used graphics from Combat Commander Game.
May 18, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: Skrót zasad do EE (po naszemu :) ) By: farmeriusz
EE - skrót zasad.doc (121 KB)
Na użytek własny i sparingpartnera machnąłem instrukcję z obcego na nasze.
Oczywiście nie całą, bo bym biedny chyba sczezł przed monitorem - przy okazji więc tłumaczenia dokonałem maksymalnej miniaturyzacji tekstu :D (tak, wiem jak to brzmi).
Słowem, pigułę zrobiłem.
Tak więc, to, co stworzyłem, zawiera chyba wszystko co trzeba, aby móc grać - łącznie z wyjątkami, wyjątkami od wyjątków i wyłączeniami od wyjątków do wyjątków... czy jakoś tak :).
Wydaje mi się, że jeśli ktoś wie mniej więcej z czym je się EE, powinien bez problemu rozeznać się w tej treści.
Szczerze mówiąc, nie wiem, czy ktoś, kto EE nie widział na oczy, jest w stanie nauczyć się z tego grać. Mimo, że jest tu wszystko, to jest to jednak pigułka, bez opisów, wyjaśnień, przykładów etc...

I made and translate a summary for the rules to EE. There is everything, you need to play.
Mar 16, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: EE Setup By: iamspamus
EE_Setup.pdf (1.21 MB)
Charts for 1939 and 1941 Setup
Jan 4, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: EE Charts By: iamspamus
EE_Charts.pdf (773 KB)
Sequence of Play and Combat Charts
Jan 4, 2010


Europe Engulfed:: Player aid for Section 14 optional rules By: Gamedeity
Europe Engulfed 14rules.ppt (70 KB)
Player aid for Section 14 optional rules
Oct 7, 2009


Europe Engulfed:: Player Aid for the 13.0 Optional Rules By: Bridger
EE_Optional_Rules_Aid.doc (24 KB)
Tried to shorten up the descriptions as much as possible while still providing full information.
Jun 25, 2009


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Additional (Optional) Rules v. 1 By: JLNijholt
Europe Engulfed Additional (Optional) Rules v.1.pdf (100 KB)
Some additional/optional rules I found useful to enhance gameplay.
Oct 22, 2008


Europe Engulfed:: Sequence of Play By: JonatanRaven
Turordning.pdf (33 KB)
This is a revised reference sheet for sequence of play. It's in Swedish, so it's probably not of any use to many of you, but I thought I'd upload it anyways.

It contains some additional info that I found useful to put there.

I've uploaded a previev to the images as well.
Mar 8, 2008


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed FAQ 1.1 By: bignickel
Europe Engulfed FAQ 1.1.doc (341 KB)
This replaces FAQ 1.0, making corrections to previous material.

A summary of q&a for the game Europe Engulfed, including many questions asked on the BGG Europe Engulfed rules sub-forum, as well as questions that I considered important for people learning the game.
Feb 17, 2008


Europe Engulfed:: Intro to Europe Engulfed - Advanced 1.4 By: bignickel
Intro to Europe Engulfed.Advanced1.4.doc (365 KB)
Part 3 of my Intro to EE series, this covers more advanced subjects such as sea supply, strategic warfare, sea combat, the Mediterranean, fleet point transfers, and important notes for each nation, as well as some final advice for players. The appendix discusses Gibraltar in Axis hands.

A revision due to information regarding Suez Canal.

As always, what Rick says, goes.

ERRATA: 1. Allies Bombing of German Strat moves: When the Western Allies target German Strategic moves instead of WERPS, each hit removes a Strat move in the WESTERN zone only. However, the usual removal of Strat Moves based on number of surviving bombers still applies everywhere.
2. Under Vichy, the German block can travel down to Africa, Libya, the Levant if at the moment it begins the movement, there are more Italian units then German units already there. Thus, after it arrives, the number of Italian units and German units can be equal (but not more Germans than Italians)
Dec 24, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: Intro to Europe Engulfed - Intermediate 1.3 By: bignickel
Intro to Europe Engulfed.Intermediate1.3.doc (107 KB)
Part 2 of my Intro to EE series, this covers more advanced subjects such as movement, combat, Special Actions, and weather/terrain affects on everything else in the game.

3rd revision, due to editing of typos and tightening up the doc, and critical piece of misinfo in the combat section. As always, anything Rick says on this forum overrides anything in the intro.
Dec 24, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: Intro to Europe Engulfed - Beginner 1.3 By: bignickel
Intro to Europe Engulfed.Beginner1.3.doc (50 KB)
My first part of my 3 part introduction to Europe Engulfed. Starting out an just an introductory set of notes, and then spiraling out of control from there.

Part 1 talks about the map, time chart, units, nations, and a general summary of the player turn.

This is my 3rd revision of part 1, due to some errors I noticed.
Dec 20, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Build Attack Guide By: bignickel
Europe Engulfed Build Attack Guide1.15.doc (30 KB)
This is contains an extension of some of the tables from Henige & Simonitch's excellent Player's Aid Cards, as wells as a table summing up attack bonuses. This kind of information is frequently foremost in player's minds during the Production and Operational Movement phases, so I wanted it in one single place. Also included is a listing of turn order.
Dec 15, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: EE Strategic Warfare and Production Manager By: Pippin123
EE_Manager v1.0.xls (253 KB)
Correct bugs of previous version
Oct 11, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Britain USA Notes By: bignickel
Europe Engulfed Britain USA Notes1.3.doc (41 KB)
This is a summary of notes for the Western Allied player of Europe Engulfed. They are meant as a sort of 'character' sheet for the Western Allied player. They are re-organized, expanded, and updated from the original Nation Notes by Danny D. Holte.

I had to add a few corrections, to replace 1.2.
Oct 10, 2007


Europe Engulfed:: Europe Engulfed Strategic Warfare Bombing Summary By: bignickel
Europe Engulfed Strategic Warfare Bombing1.3.doc (25 KB)
This is a summary of Strategic Warfare Bombing for the game Europe Engulfed. It includes a summary of actions for both Western Allied and Axis players, including important information.
Oct 8, 2007

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