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The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project riassunto regolamento italiano By: 8lackjack
manhattan project riassunto.pdf (375 KB)
Riassunto testuale del regolamento di The Manhattan Project
Aug 29, 2017


The Manhattan Project:: Resumen Reglas en 2 folios By: Malabarista123
Manhattan Project - Resumen Jugger.pdf (583 KB)
Resumen del reglamento (y las expansiones del "Second Stage") en tan sólo 2 folios.
Mar 18, 2016


The Manhattan Project:: cartas personajes By: ibzdave
personajes.pdf (4.71 MB)
Traducción de las cartas de personajes a partir de la imagen de RPGShop.
Gracias James!
Jan 27, 2016


The Manhattan Project:: stl files for 3D printed meeples By: FryderykC (553 KB)
This zip file contains 3 .stl files for 3d printing the worker, engineer and scientist meeples shown here:
Jan 26, 2016


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project - Help By: cesarcusin
The Manhattan Project - Help.docx (22 KB)
The Manhattan Project - Help - por Cesar Cusin
Jan 15, 2016


The Manhattan Project:: Solo variant vs. 2 different AIs By: Lines42
ManhattanDoubleAI.pdf (84 KB)
This is mainly the solo variant by Elad, posted in the variants forum. I slightly modified it and also added a second robot, that behaves differently than the original one. You can play against one or both.
(posted with permission from Elad)
Apr 4, 2015


The Manhattan Project:: Tuckboxes for sleeved cards By: stenmur
nations_tuckbox.pdf (12.13 MB)
tuckbox for nation cards
Aug 17, 2014
bomb_tuckbox.pdf (15.35 MB)
bomb tuckbox
Aug 17, 2014
Building_tuckbox.pdf (15.34 MB)
boxes will fit base plus expansions.
Aug 17, 2014


The Manhattan Project:: Manual de regras em português By: marujomao
Manual de regras traduzido em português e diagramado.
Mar 27, 2014


The Manhattan Project:: Complete Bomb List By: dkingnu
Manhattan Project Bomb Stats.xlsx (11 KB)
This shows a list of all the bombs and includes the type, the amount needed, the points, etc. It also has the amount to win based upon how many players. This can help you figure out how many you might need to win a certain game.
Mar 10, 2014


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project Component Icons By: Demon Jim
The Manhattan Project (481 KB)
Here are images/icons of each component within the The Manhattan Project base game. I use these as an add on to my labels for my baggies, but you could also use these in Plano boxes, Tuck Boxes, or where ever else you see fit. Use them as you please.

All the player markers may look a little off, but that is the way it is in the rule book. The same goes for the worker images. A few of them contain thin lines, but it is nothing detrimental.

Geeklist to other games I have completed:
Feb 21, 2014


The Manhattan Project:: A Manhattan Project By: saabee
Manhattan_Project_HU_saabee.PDF (6.77 MB)
Hungarian Rulebook


Magyar Szabálykönyv
(Nagyjából még vice verziójával egy időben készült, attól függetlenül.)
Feb 11, 2014


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project magyar szabálykönyv By: vice
SZABALY the manhattan project HU.pdf (3.30 MB)
A Kártyagyáras kiadáshoz járó szabálykönyv.
Dec 15, 2013


The Manhattan Project:: Quick Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet Alternate Format By: Damageinc333
Manhattan_Project-Alt.pdf (203 KB)
.pdf version of the same document.
Oct 16, 2013
Manhattan_Project-Alt.docx (22 KB)
I have put this document together based on Ken Dilloo's (user bigloo33) Rules Summary/Game Management cheat sheet. All credit goes to him for the original submission. I merely took his document and formatted into an easier to read format. I hope others find this useful. Please feel free to modify however you see fit. I did re-word a few minor things, If I messed anything up, please let me know. Thanks.

Please see bigloo33's original file here:
Oct 15, 2013


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project - Spielhilfe in Deutsch 1.3d By: gastgast
Manhattan Spielhilfe in Deutsch.pdf (4.25 MB)
1000 Thanks to VADAMIR! He make the original player aid in english and gave me the files to translate it in german!
Apr 30, 2013


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project Russian rules v1.0 By: banzy
Russian rules The Manhattan Project by Banzy.pdf (4.96 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in russian language for The Manhattan Project by banzy.
Jun 15, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project - Player Aid By: vardamir
Manhattan-player aid V1.3.pdf (2.60 MB)
Tiny correction on the France ability.
Latest Version 1.3
Apr 24, 2012
Manhattan-player aid V1.2.pdf (2.60 MB)
Latest update of the player aid (V1.2) with some corrections.
Apr 23, 2012
Manhattan-player aid V1.0.pdf (2.45 MB)
Made the player aid in 8x14 cm media.
Include the preparation setup and the Nations expansion description. Please feel free to add comments.

This is not the latest version, the latest version is V1.2, which I am trying to upload it here.
Apr 17, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: Quick Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
Manhattan Project.docx (16 KB)
Version II, with edit from the Game's Designer.
Apr 4, 2012
Manhattan Project.docx (16 KB)
Condensed summary for quick reference when teaching. Or for remembering important rules between plays.
Mar 20, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: Rules Summary in French By: RPGShop
Manhattan-Project-vin-d-jeu-v2.pdf (174 KB)
Rules summary in French thanks for the help from these guys
Mar 30, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: The Manhattan Project dutch rules By: spinli
The Manhattan Project.pdf (413 KB)
Nederlandstalige spelregels
(zonder voorbeelden en afbeeldingen)
Mar 18, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: Japanese rulebook By: nagamine
The Manhattan Project_J.pdf (5.87 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in japanese language for The Manhattan Project.
Jan 18, 2012


The Manhattan Project:: German rules By: fizzle
manhattan_de.pdf (102 KB)
Deutsche Regelübersetzung von The Manhattan Project
(Update for published rules)
Jan 14, 2012
manhattan_de.pdf (104 KB)
Deutsche Regelübersetzung von The Manhattan Project
Sep 5, 2011


The Manhattan Project:: Manhattan Project Rules - English By: schmanthony
Manhattan_Project.pdf (5.17 MB)
The Manhattan Project Rules - English / FINAL
Nov 2, 2011


The Manhattan Project:: Korean rules By: Morign
The Manhattan Project_Korean_v1.0.pdf (4.59 MB)
If there is something wrong, please send a geekmail or email( to me. As I play this game, it may be updated.
Oct 5, 2011

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