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Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion Alchemy Kingdom Cards - German to English translation By: SjoerdS
Alchemy - German to English translation V1 (PDF).pdf (370 KB)
German titles of Kingdom Cards translated to English with English description. For those that play with German expansions but lack skills to fully understand the German text (like me).
Sep 2, 2016


Dominion: Alchemy:: Hungarian rules By: Guszty
4. Alchemy.pdf (5.83 MB)
Magyar játékszabály
May 14, 2014


Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion: Alchemy - Official Rio Grande Games Rules. By: jgoyes
Dominion Alchemy - Rules - Donald X. Vaccarino.pdf (4.96 MB)
Official Rules by Rio Grande Games in English.
Sep 10, 2012


Dominion: Alchemy:: DOMINION Randomizer v2 By: Dvgmz
DOMINION Randomizer v2.xls (135 KB)
This file generates combinations of 10 kingdom cards for Dominion (including all expansions until Hinterlands and all promo cards until governor).

Includes randomization for the Young Witch (from Dominion Cornucopia).

The file also includes some options where you can select

· The sets you want to play with
· The cards of each set you don't want to include in the randomization
· Up to 5 cards you want to include in the final selection

Any comments, suggestions... are welcome.
Mar 14, 2012
DOMINION Randomizer v1.xls (121 KB)
This file generates combinations of 10 kingdom cards:

-Includes all sets (from Basic until Hinterlands) and all promo cards (from envoy until governor).

-Includes the options of select the sets and cards of each set for making the selection.

-Includes randomization for the Young Witch (from Dominion Cornucopia)

Any comments, suggestions... are welcome.
Mar 6, 2012


Dominion: Alchemy:: Reglas originales en castellano - PDF By: Oskarete
Dominionalqumia.pdf (1.29 MB)
Reglamento original en castellano de Dominion Alquimia edición Devir
Nov 5, 2011


Dominion: Alchemy:: Tasajara's Alchemy dividers (vertical) By: tasajara (1.66 MB)
VERSION: July 2011
DETAILS: Vertical Dominion card dividers. A set it available for each different Dominion box set (Base, Intrigue, Seaside, thru Hinterlands). I designed these to fit into Trivial Pursuit card boxes which I then put into a standard (US) photo box as such:

The dividers all have rules information about each specific card and some clarifications on them where relevant, so there isn't a need to carry manuals around with you (unless you need the general rules for each set)

For each box set :
* 8 Kingdom cards per page, now alphabetically in order with no overlaps between boxes.
* Include just a SETS card listing recommended sets for that version/expansion. (Eliminated the separate RANDOMIZER divider per box and went to a single divider for all Randomizers)
* Venture, Vault and Watchtower (all from Prosperity) had the wrong color banners - fixed in the Prosperity 'Fixes' page which also includes the new Walled Village promo.

This last round of editing was a bit of a challenge because there were conflicting goals:
* Some people want all cards in one file with no duplicates.
* Some people want the extra sets of cards available.

I compromised with more pages but flexibility and interleaving ? just pick and choose what you want:
* In BASE and INTRIGUE sets, the VP and Treasure cards are on a separate page for each box.
* Some pages are interleaved - you can print 2 or 3 different sets of cards onto one page. This is detailed further below.

Special pages:
* A BASE set page includes Miscellaneous, Blank Cards, Randomizers, and Trash dividers.
* Promos specific pages which include first 4 promos on one page and the latest (Governor) on a separate page.
* Prosperity FIXES page which has 3 updated cards - Venture, Vault and Watchtower all had the wrong colored banners, plus it includes the Walled Village promo.

Cornucopia dividers added!
* Includes a single divider for ALL Tournament Prizes that summarizes the cards.
* Also, separate dividers exist for each prize that includes more detailed information. I print them and cut them shorter then slotted them with the prizes in the Tournament Prizes divider.

Here is the full list of files for each box set including a link to where you can find each one.

Some pages can be printed together onto one page. Just print one, then re-insert the paper in the same orientation in your printer, then print the other(s).

The pages that you can print together on one page:
* Promos (top 4 slots), Intrigue 4 (bottom right 2 slots)
* Prosperity 4 (top 4 slots + bottom left slot), Seaside 4 (bottom right 3 slots)
* Promos 2 (bottom left 1 slot), Seaside 4 (bottom right 3 slots)
* Prosperity Fixes (top 4 slots), Cornucopia Prize Dividers (bottom 4 slots)


Dominion_Promos_AUG2014.PDF (All Promos)
Dominion_Promos_2_AUG2014.PDF (Governor + Prince only)









Jul 18, 2011
DominionAlchemyDividers_v1.pdf (2.28 MB)
Vertical card dividers for Dominion: Alchemy. Print on card stock, laminate, then cut on light gray lines.

* All Alchemy card dividers
* Rules details for each card on the divider
* Extra divider card which shows all standard starting sets.

If you want the full set for dividers for the base and all expansions go here.

Feb 26, 2011


Dominion: Alchemy:: Hoja de ayuda en español para Dominion: Alchemy By: juegosoffline
Dominion - Alchemy - Cartas.pdf (26 KB)
Esta hoja de ayuda incluye una traducción al español de todas las cartas de Dominion: Alchemy. Las cartas están ordenadas por su nombre en inglés para facilitar su búsqueda. This player aid includes a translation of all Dominion: Alchemy cards into Spanish. The entries are sorted by the English card name.
Mar 8, 2011


Dominion: Alchemy:: Professionally Designed Horizontal Tabbed Dividers for Dominion: Alchemy By: tphinney
tabbedAlchemy.pdf (1.20 MB)
Updated version of Ted "Toulouse" Alspach's "dividers that the pro's use." With Dominion graphics, these all-black tabbed dividers have the name of the card on the properly colored banner along with the cost. Set icons are displayed under the name of each card. Each tabbed divider contains the text for the card as well as the detailed rules. Print on heavy cardstock (11x17 if possible) and cut. View to see Ted's original tabs in use.

NOTE: Included with Alchemy dividers are dividers for the Envoy, Black Market and Stash promo cards.

Updated elements in tweaked design: Slightly more legible typography, attack cards now have titles in red instead of underlined.
Jan 16, 2011


Dominion: Alchemy:: Preset Decks for Alchemy Only By: Ychor
Dominion_Alchemy_Sets_Deck.pdf (15 KB)
Sometimes I like using the preset decks that come with Dominion.

This is a PDF of all the preset decks included in the Alchemy instructions. Now you can print, separate, shuffle and play with a random preset deck.

There is master file in the Dominion files section with every preset if you have all expansions and want to save on printing.
Dec 1, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion: Alchemy (Hungarian Card Translation / Magyar Kártyafordítás segédlet) By: Jevimester
Dominion - Alchemy (hungarian card translation).pdf (224 KB)
Egy kis segítség az angol nyelv nehézségeivel küszködő Dominion függőknek. Bármilyen észrevételt, kérdést szívesen fogadok!
Nov 25, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Reis's Dominion Tabs - Alchemy By: Luce
Reis Dominion Tabs Alchemy v2.pdf (648 KB)
An elegant set of tabbed horizontal dividers for the Dominion: Alchemy set. Version 2 adds FAQ text to the dividers; version 1 only features print on the tabs. Special credit and thanks to Jake Di Toro (karrde) and Jason Spears (spearjr) for their work in creating the card templates that have been used in this document.
Sep 10, 2010
Reis Dominion Tabs Alchemy v1.pdf (616 KB)
An elegant set of tabbed horizontal dividers for the Dominion: Alchemy set. Special credit and thanks to Jake Di Toro (karrde) and Jason Spears (spearjr) for their work in creating the card templates that have been used in this document.
Aug 23, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Black/Grey Horizontal Tab Dividers (Alpha) By: pynej
Dominion- (168 KB)
Alchemy tabs matching the other Black/Grey Horizontal Tab Dividers I have posted. (Not a modification of existing version.)

Base Game Version:
Intrigue Version:
Seaside Version:
Prosperity Version:
Aug 23, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: All Cards rules By: zackdale
Dominion Card Rules v5.pdf (314 KB)
All the card rules though Alchemy including Envoy/Blackmarket and Stash alphabetized, and labeled for each set as well as all recommended card set ups.

Images copyright Rio Grand Games
Aug 23, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Double-sided horizontal dividers for Dominion: Alchemy By: Salt-Man Z
Dominion Dividers-Alchemy.pdf (200 KB)
Double-sided dividers allow you to sort your cards however you want and still have alternating tabs. Tabs are colored to show card type, and show cost and set/expansion identifier. Card FAQs and notes on dividers.

2nd version updated with Potion setup rules.
Aug 22, 2010
Dominion Dividers-Alchemy.pdf (196 KB)
Double-sided dividers allow you to sort your cards however you want and still have alternating tabs. Tabs are colored to show card type, and show cost and set/expansion identifier. Card FAQs and notes on dividers.
Aug 20, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion: Alchemy tabbed dividers for vertical storage boxes By: Aweberman (170 KB)
This is a streamlined, barebones set of tabbed dividers for all of the cards in Dominion: Alchemy. (If you would like the file with the base game and all the expansions, click here.)

The tabs are offset to the left and right to facilitate searching through the decks. The only thing on each tab is the title of the card in the font used in the game (Trajan Pro). I have not reproduced any of the text on the card or the rules about the card.
Aug 11, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Alchemy tuckboxes with rules By: thorongil (389 KB)
These tuck boxes are can fit sleeves up to 2.75" x 3.75". The rules for individual cards are printed on the cover. Go to for the rest of these tuckboxes (basic Dominion, Intrigue, Seaside, and promos).
Jul 12, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion Alchemy Tuckboxes By: teal
Dominion Alchemy Tuckboxes.pdf (247 KB)
Tuckboxes for every kingdom card + potions in the Alchemy expansion set of Dominion. The boxes are sized for use with Eurogame card sleeves. The boxes are a bit loosely sized. They are meant to be glued at the bottom.
Jul 2, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Randomizer Tuckboxes for Dominion alchemy By: Firepigeon
Tuckboxes_Dominion_Alchemy_Randomizer_Boxes.pdf (1012 KB)
For use with sleeved cards. Do not use resize when printing. do a draft test of one page first just to check if everything is ok. I cut and mount it all using doubled-sided tape but YMMV
May 29, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Happycamper-style Horizontal Alchemy Dividers By: happycamper
Dominion_Alchemy_Card_Dividers_v1.doc (269 KB)
Here's a set of dividers that match my previous divider sets for the other expansions. They are horizontal format and fit in standard card boxes. With a bit of fiddling, you can even fit all the Dominion sets into a single box.

Thanks to Derrek McNab (kerred) for putting these dividers together for me - I don't own Alchemy yet...
May 12, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Dominion Alchemy - Horizontal Card Box Dividers By: scrub
Dominion Card Tab Dividers - Alchemy v2.pdf (391 KB)
Fits standard cardboxes. Horizontal. Dividers have all rulebook notes on the card, type information, colour-coding, cost, attack-indicator and set information.
May 8, 2010


Dominion: Alchemy:: Alchemy Vertical Labels (Print on Mailing Labels) By: twbumr
Alchemy (178 KB)
Print out these labels to help organize your cards if you store them vertically.

I have included two versions, Word and PDF. The sheet is set up for standard mailing labels. If you want to use different mailing labels, and you have Word, it should be easy enough to cut and paste the images to fit on the new labels.

These labels are designed for a CCG shoe box style box. The cards are standing up straight, hence why the text is at highest possible position. I'll try to get a picture added soon to show the final result.
Apr 29, 2010

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