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7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders összes hivatalos és rajongói vezetőkártyájának rövid fordítása By: Beornmaci
7W_vezetokártyák_by_Beorn.pdf (87 KB)
by Beorn
Dec 29, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders összes hivatalos ÉS rajongói csodatáblájának rövid fordítása By: Beornmaci
7W_csodatáblák_by_Beorn.pdf (246 KB)
javított, és a túl erősnek tartott csodatáblák balanszírozására javaslatokat tartalmazó verzió

by Beorn
Dec 11, 2017


7 Wonders:: KayTeEm's Kartentrenner für 7 Wonders (Base + Leaders + Cities) By: KayTeEm
Labels - Dividers (Deutsch).jpg (1.19 MB)
Dies sind die Kartentrenner, die ich für mein 7 Wonders Insert entworfen habe.
KayTeEm's Foamcore Insert for 7 Wonders (Base + Leaders + Cities)

Das untere Bild zeigt einen Mix aus Englischen und Deutschen Kartentrennern.
Keine Sorge, die Druckvorlage ist enthält nur deutsche Texte (abgesehen von den Eigennamen "Leaders" und "Cities".

Ihr findet die Englische Version hier.

Sep 18, 2017


7 Wonders:: KayTeEm's Card Dividers for 7 Wonders (Base + Leaders + Cities) By: KayTeEm
Labels - Dividers (English).jpg (2.54 MB)
These are the Card Dividers, I designed for KayTeEm's Foamcore Insert for 7 Wonders (Base + Leaders + Cities)

The last image shows English and German Dividers in a mix.
Don't worry about that, the print template contains only English texts.

You find the German version here
Sep 16, 2017


7 Wonders:: KayTeEm's Foamcore Insert for 7 Wonders (Base + Leaders + Cities) By: KayTeEm
7 Wonders - Foamcore Insert (Base + Leaders + Cities).zip (4.60 MB)
Hi guys,

I designed this foamcore insert to fit the base game plus the Leaders and Cities expansions. With the lid in place, the box can be put into the shelf in any orientation, without the pieces getting mixed up. Feel free to build your own insert, using my design.

The ZIP archive contains:
- fotos of my 3d model that served as a blueprint
- fotos of the actual insert, packed into the box
- measurements of each part

I also created my own dividers, fitting perfectly into this insert.
- English version
- German version (upcoming)

Sep 12, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders set-up and gameplay reference for multiple fan expansions By: ironregime
7W setup reference cards (all expansions) v2.pdf (2.57 MB)
I've added so many expansions to 7 Wonders that I need a reference card to help with set-up and gameplay!

This file includes front and back images of set-up and gameplay reference cards that include information from the base game, Babel, Cities, and Leaders, plus the fan expansions Myths, Ruins, Sailors, and Zodiac. Icons and shading make it easy to skip over sections that apply to expansions you aren't using at the moment.
Jul 27, 2017


7 Wonders:: Reglas basicas/rapidas By: omarjimenezo
7Wonders_ReglasRapidas.pdf (1.65 MB)
Reglas básicas de explicación rápida, ademas de descripción de los efectos del juego base, todo en una sola hoja tamaño A4
Jul 12, 2017


7 Wonders:: Lords of Waterdeep - 7 Wonders crossover expansion By: ironregime
7W Waterdeep - doublesided expansion.pdf (300 KB)
This is a double-sided expansion for 7 Wonders and Lords of Waterdeep.

One side provides a new wonder, Waterdeep, for the game 7 Wonders. The owner of this wonder may assign Agents to his or her neighbor's cards, copying their effects. Rules for the wonder are outlined on the included randomizer card. Agent standees are provided, or you can use the meeples from Lords of Waterdeep.

On the reverse is a side-board expansion for Lords of Waterdeep called the City of the Dead, which is the 7th Ward of the City of Splendors. The expansion is designed for high player count games or groups who simply enjoy conflict. A six-sided die is required (or you can use the non-random rules for this expansion).
Jul 6, 2017


7 Wonders:: INSTANT! Green (Science) Points Calculator - Colorized By: thompa89
7wonders_science_calculator_colorized.pdf (330 KB)
A colorized version of James Clarkes calculator for easier navigation.
Explanation included in the pdf.
Jun 27, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders Arabic Rulebook By: alkendi
7 Wonders rulebook - Arabic.pdf (4.51 MB)
ترجمة قوانين لعبة (7 عجائب) التابعة لشركة دايز أوف ووندر.

Arabic translation of 7 Wonders by Days of Wonder.
Apr 28, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders puntentelling By: Piet Notebaert
7 Wonders puntentelling.pdf (4.64 MB)
Kort overzicht voor de puntentelling op het einde van het spel.
Apr 1, 2017


7 Wonders:: German Scorecard for each Player By: boris74
Scorecard.docx (1.06 MB)
A German Version of a Scorecard for 7 Wonders including Cites, Babel and Leaders. Print out and laminate in 10x15 cm. So you can use it for every new game. Each Player can use one of its own.
Mar 16, 2017


7 Wonders:: Sammlung und Beschreibung der Inhalte 7 Wonders By: AnPhil
Zusammenfassung 7Wonders.pdf (15.64 MB)
Ich habe hier mal alle mir bekannten Erweiterungen für 7 Wonders zusammengefasst und in eine .pdf gebracht.

Die Größe der Seiten entspricht der des Originalen Regelheftes.
Feb 14, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders Setup and Game Flow Guide By: AbyssalStalker
7 Wonders Guide.pdf (36 KB)

I use this when I play 7 wonders. It's clean, organized and highly functional. Print on a double sided piece of paper and the host has everything to get 7 Wonders setup and played through completion.

There's an excellent iconography guide (not mine) I also use paired with this:
Jan 19, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders Greek Rulebook By: netrinogr
7Wonders_Rules(GR).pdf (7.00 MB)
Greek Rulebook
Jan 12, 2017


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders Play Aid By: rikthechief
7 Wonders.pdf (105 KB)
Updated to enhance formatting and readability, extra descriptions and definitions.
Nov 28, 2016
7 Wonders.pdf (104 KB)
Game summary, card type list, action list, resource list, end game scoring and science scoring summary
Can be used as a play aid, teach aid etc.
May 6, 2016


7 Wonders:: Riassunto simboli per 7 Wonders By: Master_RAC
7 Wonders riassunto simboli.pdf (2.75 MB)
Riassunto di tutti simboli presenti negli elementi di 7 Wonders, 7 Wonders: Cities, 7 Wonders: Leaders, l'Isola di Catan e le promo Leaders. In italiano.
Nov 24, 2016


7 Wonders:: 7 wonders solitaire variant French Translation By: meydiator
7_WONDERS_TRULY ONE PLAYER french.pdf (103 KB)
Traduction en français des règles solo de tiberiusdw
Nov 22, 2016


7 Wonders:: Progressive 7 Wonders By: Greltch
Progressive 7 Wonders.doc (27 KB)
Nov 10, 2016
Progressive 7 Wonders.doc (18 KB)
A new variant to use all those extra wonders and leaders you've downloaded. Incorporates ideas from Small World as well.
Jul 5, 2016


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders: a teaching aid - v1 By: eadred
7 Wonders_ a teaching aid - v1 - Google Docs.pdf (45 KB)
Nov 6, 2016


7 Wonders:: 7 wonders cities leaders & babel reference sheet By: HangmansPie
7_Wonders_Cities_Leaders_and_Babel reference.jpg (1.18 MB)
Found the layout here on BBG, thought it was so good but visually stagnant. So I designed this reference sheet hoping to add to an already wonderful game!
Oct 4, 2016


7 Wonders:: Kingsburg - 7 Wonders crossover expansion By: ironregime
7W Kingsburg (public).pdf (3.46 MB)
This is a double-sided expansion for 7 Wonders and Kingsburg.

One side provides a new wonder, Kingsburg, for the game 7 Wonders. The player with this Wonder uses a single six-sided die (the King's Die) to gain various bonuses during play. Rules for the wonder are outlined on the included randomizer card.

On the reverse is a side-board expansion for Kingsburg called the Seven Wonders, representing "Column V" buildings shared by all players. Each of these buildings may be built by only one player, who must have previously built the Column IV building from the matching row.
May 26, 2016


7 Wonders:: Pandemic - 7 Wonders crossover expansion By: ironregime
7W Atlanta (public).pdf (8.54 MB)
This is a double-sided expansion for 7 Wonders and Pandemic.

One side provides a new wonder, Atlanta, for the game 7 Wonders. When this wonder is in play, a disease runs rampant among the other players' cities, but it can be cured by paying Atlanta. Rules for the wonder are outlined on the included randomizer card. Disease tokens are provided, or you can use cubes (the green ones from King of Tokyo are nice). This side of the expansion was designed by Nick Cunningham (burningsteel).

On the reverse is a side-board expansion for Pandemic called the 7 Wonders of Epidemiology. Removed disease cubes may be placed on this side-board to gain medical advances, but be careful not to run out of cubes; those on the side-board still count as being in play.
May 26, 2016


7 Wonders:: Quick Rules: 7 Wonders + Expansions By: freechinanow
7 Wonders + Exp - Quick Rules.pdf (111 KB)
This is a 7-page Quick Rules PDF for 7 Wonders. It also includes quick rules for Leaders, Cities, and the Babel expansions. It is not meant to replace the rulebooks but to supplement them and bring clarification when needed. Thanks!

Version 1.1 (Fixed 'Leaders' rule; removed 2-player opinion)
Apr 22, 2016
7 Wonders + Exp_ Quick Rules.pdf (113 KB)
Jul 16, 2015


7 Wonders:: 7 Wonders: Symbol Summary Sheet 1.0 By: Whaleyland
7wonders_symbol_summary_1.0.pdf (6.08 MB)
Tired of always wondering what those promotional icons mean? Can't remember the icon definitions for the Wonder Pack or the Colosseum? Aggravated by having to shuffle three rules supplements and two large summary sheets around when playing with everything? Want something that looks just like the official documents, but comprehensive? If so, then this is the symbol summary sheet for you.

This double-sided, box-sized sheet includes all the icons for 7 Wonders, Leaders, Cities, the Wonder Pack, Catan, and all five promotional cards. In fact, the only thing it does not include are the Babel symbols, simply because there are too many and those already have a full-sized, double-sided sheet. But if you print out this, then you will only need the two and I would certainly consider that an upgrade.

If you find any errors, omissions, or just want to say something, please leave a comment on this file page or private message me. I plan to continue updating this file as new expansions and promotional material is released.

Printing instructions: This is designed for printing doubled-sided and in colour on A3 paper with short-edge binding.

Disclaimer: For personal use only. Not to be commercially printed. All rights reserved to Repos Production.
Apr 15, 2016

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