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A House Divided:: résumé français règles de base By: fatmax66
Un résumé en français
Jan 3, 2018


A House Divided:: 3rd Edition Advanced Living Rules and Player Aids By: PersianImm0rtal
AHD 3.1 (1.75 MB)
3.1 Advanced Living Rules and Player Aids
Feb 2, 2017


A House Divided:: All rules in order By: natekirk
AHD rules sequential.docx (20 KB)
All Basic, Adv and Optional Rules are merged and presented in game turn sequence.
Dec 30, 2016


A House Divided:: AHD 3rd Edition Organizer - updated 2013 By: tswider
AHD 3rd Edition Organizer.pdf (88 KB)
This game aid helps players reduce the time spent counting the number of armies on the board and determining maximum army size. The organizer hold your units not on the map. It is easier to count what is NOT on the map than to disrupt stacks to count what is on the map. There are also city tiles that players can hold like Monopoly property tiles. This makes it easier to total the values of each player's recruiting cities.

This is version 1.1 dated 29-Jun-2013.
Corrections made this edition: Baltimore USA value, number color for following cities: Bowling Green, Chillicothe, Evansville and Louisville. All tile ID number renumbered so there are no long any decimal points.
Aug 24, 2013


A House Divided:: Rulesmap (One Page To Rule Them All) By: Jan Tuijp (4.31 MB)

More colours and some tiny adjustments for (much) easier reference (though a little less printer friendly).

Dec 11, 2011 (2.26 MB)

This was probably a very stupid idea, but I was determined to put ALL basic, optional, advanced and optional advanced rules on one page. And I wanted it presented in a visual way, as to make it possible to instantly identify not only the category but also the "alignment" of the optional rules (pro Union/pro CSA/neutral).

The optional/advanced rules are provided with references to the "living rules" by Alan Emrich.

This player aid is meant for those who start with the advanced game and for refreshing the memory of experienced players.

The zipfile contains a .jpg you can print on A3 or the US equivalent of a large piece of paper. Don't bother to print it on A4 or letter: you won't be able to read it. Unless you print it on several pages ofcourse (2 laminated pages, taped together so you can fold it, works great). Still, you might need a magnifying glass.

The file also contains the MindManager mindmap (for those who have the program and want to make modifications).

About the layout:
- The 'flags' (pro Union, pro CSA or neutral) are only placed on the main occurence of an optional rule, as to avoid clutter. The markers for optional/advanced are placed where ever they apply.
- I did include the advanced game and battle sequence but left out the tables (command, border states and so on) because most advanced players don't need them or use other player aids for that (like the Gettysburg battlemap or the player aids from Alan Emrich).

(Edit: version 1.1 is on its way: tiny adjustments and more colours for easier reference)

Dec 6, 2011


A House Divided:: House Divided - Gettysburg Battle Map By: VonEpp
Battle Map-version 3.pdf (119 KB)

Map for House Divided - Advanced Rules (You can also use this map for basic game).

Several items I incorporated into this map:

- Large squares for unit battle alignment.
- Advance Game Morale charts.
- Advanced Command chart for both Union/Confederate players.
- Advanced Battle Round Command Grid (use a wooden cube to indicate Command Rating works great!)
- Advanced Battle "Day" grid for tracking days of battle.

I hope you find this file useful while engaged in a House Divided.

Mar 22, 2011


A House Divided:: Resumen reglamento--Castellano By: vmarti81
A House Divided.doc (134 KB)
Un resumen orenado del reglamento incuyendo las reglas avanzadas y obviando las basicas a las que estas substituyen.
También incorpora alguna regla opcional.
Sep 27, 2009


A House Divided:: More Control Markers By: mehrunes
MoreControlMarkers.jpg (6.47 MB)
Big image with 30 flags of each side.

They are arranged to make them turnable if printed on thick paper and cut out.
For best matching to the original counters scale the image down to 25cmx15cm or roughly 10"x6".
Jul 30, 2008


A House Divided:: Control Flags for House Divided By: Jim Krohn
House Divided Flags.pdf (63 KB)
One thing this game could have used more of is control flags. These are scans of the flags that are placed side by side on a sheet to make it easy to glue to cardboard and make more control flags.
Apr 3, 2008


A House Divided:: AHD - Australian Tournament Scenario By: da pyrate
A House Divided.doc (27 KB)
This is the scenario played at the Australian Boardgame Championships - it has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned over time.
Feb 11, 2008


A House Divided:: A House Divided Combat and Command board v1 By: purplewurple
AHD combat and command board v1.doc (33 KB)
For use with the advanced Battles and Command rule.
Feb 10, 2008


A House Divided:: HouseDivided_basic_jp.pdf By: piroki
HouseDivided_basic_jp.pdf (42 KB)
Japanese quick reference for basic game only
Aug 21, 2007


A House Divided:: A House Divided Refresher2.doc By: charles mclellan
A House Divided Refresher2.doc (50 KB)
One page A House Divided 3.1 Basic Rule Refresher
Mar 17, 2007


A House Divided:: A House Divided Refresher2.doc By: charles mclellan
A House Divided Refresher2.doc (50 KB)
A House Divided One Page 3.1 Basic Rules Refresher in Document Format
Mar 16, 2007


A House Divided:: NuS_Zusatzregeln_u_Szenarien.pdf By: azrael2k
NuS_Zusatzregeln_u_Szenarien.pdf (1.46 MB)
Optional Rules and Scenarios - German Version/Zusatzregeln & Szenarien deutsch
May 31, 2006


A House Divided:: NuS_Fortgeschrittenenregeln.pdf By: azrael2k
NuS_Fortgeschrittenenregeln.pdf (1.17 MB)
Advanced Rules - German Version/Fortgeschrittenenregel deutsch
May 31, 2006


A House Divided:: NuS_Basisregeln.pdf By: azrael2k
NuS_Basisregeln.pdf (2.51 MB)
Basic Rules - German Version/Basisregel deutsch
May 31, 2006


A House Divided:: A House Divided Advance Rules.pdf By: arzman
A House Divided Advance Rules.pdf (1.48 MB)
A House Divided - Advanced Rules (permission from publisher)
Nov 28, 2005


A House Divided:: A House Divided Optional Rules and Scenarios.pdf By: arzman
A House Divided Optional Rules and Scenarios.pdf (1.61 MB)
A House Divided - Optional Rules & Scenarios (permission from publisher)
Nov 28, 2005


A House Divided:: A House Divided Basic Rules.pdf By: arzman
A House Divided Basic Rules.pdf (2.81 MB)
A House Divided - Basic Rules (permission from publisher)
Nov 28, 2005


A House Divided:: House Divided, A - Turn Outline and Events.xls By: galaxus
House Divided, A - Turn Outline and Events.xls (26 KB)
Excel Spreadsheet with detailed player turn outline and 'Event Schedule'
Jun 30, 2005


A House Divided:: AHDcomponents.txt By: agrognard
AHDcomponents.txt (654 bytes)
List of components
Apr 10, 2004


A House Divided:: House Divided basic summary.doc By: alkaiser
House Divided basic summary.doc (35 KB)
Basic Game Rules Summary, 3rd edition
May 13, 2003


A House Divided:: By: breakmanynecks (307 KB)
Optional & Additional rules/counters from Deer Valley Game Co.
Jan 27, 2003

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