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Eclipse:: Eclipse Lasercut Part's Tray By: mfurquim
eclibox_v3.svg (217 KB)
A tray box for the game Eclipse: A New Dawn for the Galaxy.
The tray is only for ship's parts and dice.
Fits all expansions to the date: Rise of the Ancient, Ship Pack 1, Shadow of the Rift.

More file extensions at
Dec 13, 2017


Eclipse:: Regole in Solitario per Eclipse By: Oliverhardy
Eclipse - Gioco in solitario - 2.0.pdf (2.20 MB)
Nuova versione di regole (riviste rispetto alla versione 1.0) per giocare in Solitario ad Eclipse. Spero vi piaciano.....
Nov 29, 2017
Eclipse - Gioco in solitario - 1.0.pdf (945 KB)
Regolamento per giocare in Solitario ad Eclipse. Spero vi piacciano

May 9, 2016


Eclipse:: Rassenübersicht By: generationX
Eclipse_Rassen.pdf (121 KB)
Eine Übersicht im A4-Format der Rassen des Grundspiels und der Erweiterung "Die Ältesten erheben sich". Enthält außerdem Zusatzinfos über Einschätzung der Spielbarkeit der einzelnen Rassen, sowie Vor-und Nachteile der Rassefähigkeiten.
Oct 12, 2017


Eclipse:: Kurzspielregel By: generationX
Eclipse_KSR.pdf (117 KB)
Eine doppelseitige Kurzspielregel im A5-Format für das Grundspiel und die Erweiterung "Die Ältesten erheben sich".
Oct 12, 2017


Eclipse:: Merged Rulebook - All Expansions & Promos! By: AbyssalStalker
!Eclipse Merged Rulebook.pdf (4.01 MB)
My latest version of a merged rulebook. It includes the promos as well as some popular fan-created content I've added to my game.

Also included are the optional rules tournaments have been using to balance the rift turret and exploration mulligans.

Feel free to ignore or remove any non-official content you don't wish to use in your game, or I can edit it for you if needed.
Oct 10, 2017


Eclipse:: Full Player Aid - All Expansions & Promos By: AbyssalStalker
Large Player Aid.pdf (2.89 MB)
This is the latest version of my player aid. It includes some fan created content.
Oct 6, 2017


Eclipse:: Resumen Reglas en Español - Solo 2 paginas!!! By: el_italiano
Resumen Reglas en Español.pdf (3.37 MB)
Buen resumen de reglas en solo 2 paginas con explicación de losetas tecnología y dibujos!
Se ti serve il mio lavoro, per favore dammi un "Like". Grazie!!
Jul 27, 2017


Eclipse:: Eclipse Cartes Diplomatie By: tedrak
Eclipse Cartes Diplomatie.pdf (7.04 MB)
Traduction française des cartes diplomatie qui se trouvent ici :
Jul 18, 2017


Eclipse:: Eclipse, Cartes Diplomatie By: tedrak
Eclipse Cartes Diplomatie.docx (22 KB)
Traduction des règles pour les cartes diplomatie.
Originale ici :
Jul 17, 2017


Eclipse:: Eclipse Diplomacy Variant Cards By: prd1982
Eclipse Diplomacy (7.11 MB)
See here for discussion:

And here for the formatted rules (formatted by a different user):
Jul 16, 2017


Eclipse:: 1sheet: Eclipse By: mattmiller410
1sheet_Eclipse_v2.pdf (1.26 MB)
Clean, comprehensive rules summary fitting on one (double-sided) page.
May 31, 2017
1sheet_Eclipse_v1.pdf (1.23 MB)
Clean, attractive,and holding all the rules on one (double-sided) page.
Mar 2, 2017


Eclipse:: Galaxy Themed Player Mat By: Damageinc333
EclipseStart_2017-05-25.jpg (16.08 MB)
This version has the player start locations. Please read description on EclipseNoStart below.
May 26, 2017
EclipseNoStart_2017-05-25.jpg (16.02 MB)
IMPORTANT: This design is based off another users design. I ordered this but have not received it yet, therefore I can not personally vouch for the quality or the accuracy of the dimensions. It SHOULD be good, and I have no reason to think it won't be, but until I see it for myself, I must say "order at your own risk". I will update this with pictures and info once I receive mine and can personally vouch for it.

Yet another Eclipse Player mat... First up let me mention that all credit for this idea goes to others before me. In particular DrMalevolent (David B). He wasn't the first to do one, but his is the one I modeled mine after and I copied some elements from his work. I will highlight the differences in mine from his. His can be found here...

A) I replaced the background nebula image with one of the milky way, This just seems to fit more since the game takes place in a galaxy. A nebula seemed to small in scope for the theme. Just my preference.

B) I removed the crowded hex tiles. I use a laminated sheet for my game and wanted to keep the board cleaner. Maybe ill make one up thats more "mousepad" sized for use.

C) Added the games logo just to tie it all in.

I made 2 versions, one with starting locations, one without. I prefer the one without, I will probably make a cheat sheet for setting up, but see no need to keep this info on the board when it's only used for setup. To each their own, I am including a version that has David's original icons.

I am ordering my pad from here:

It is already sized to 37x37 to account for "bleed" It should be read to go as-is.

Anyhow, enjoy.
May 25, 2017


Eclipse:: Full Rules Summary in 2 Pages By: EraserXXX
Eclipse Rules Summary.docx (1.37 MB)
On request, here is the Word document for my rules summary so you can make any changes you like.
Jan 22, 2017
Eclipse Rules Summary.pdf (526 KB)
Version 2012-07-26 (Some errors corrected).
Jul 26, 2012
Eclipse Rules Summary.pdf (526 KB)
Summary of all the rules in 2 pages, well organized. I have to admit that I have never played the game - I just bought it. I stepped through the rule book and summarized every rule.
Jul 25, 2012


Eclipse:: Eclipse plansze gracza by p_dobromir (rasy obcych) By: p_dobromir (9.44 MB)
Kolejna część pliku z planszami z dodatku RoA
Jan 14, 2017
Eclipse Plansze (12.47 MB)
Druga część pliku - terranie
Dec 17, 2016
Eclipse plansza gracza_rasy (12.54 MB)
Wizualna zmiana plansz graczy do Eclipse.
Mam nadzieję, że wam się spodoba.
Plansze docelowo są dłuższe od oryginału - jednak węższe.
Przygotowałem je do wydruku na A4.
Jeśli chcecie je trzymać w pudełku z grą to polecam wykonać je składane. :)
Dec 17, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse player boards by p_dobromir By: p_dobromir (9.42 MB)
RoA Expansion
Jan 14, 2017
_Eclipse player (8.94 MB)
2nd part of Eclipse player board - Terrans
Dec 17, 2016
_Eclipse player (8.86 MB)
Boards are prepared to be printed on a home printer on A4 paper.
It is best to print then on self-adhesive foto paper (I recommend Mabitech paper)
This file contains only the boards Alien races.
p.s. make them folding :)
Dec 17, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse Player Aid - Base game, Rise of the Ancients, Shadow of The Rift and Promos By: rattkin
Eclipse_Player_Aid.pdf (1.72 MB)
Contains the list of (with images) and information about:

- Technologies
- Rare Technologies
- Ship Parts
- Developments
- Discoveries
- Special Reputation Tiles
- Time Distortion
- Evolution


I took the liberty of taking the work of AbyssalStalker here ( - rearranged and re-edited it in several places, then updated most of the graphics with scanned tiles (scanned from my own copy of Eclipse), as the original was using the super-low res parts from the SotR rulebook. I've degraded the graphics in PDF after scanning, so that they're suitable for printing but they are still not full hi-res, so that I (hopefully) don't step on toes of rulebook designer/owner.

The font used for headers is Brian Corbin's (phtowel) Eclipse font available here -
Jan 12, 2017


Eclipse:: Eclipse Species Chart (including Rise of the Ancients) By: trevorandlinda
Eclipse_Species_Differences_v1.2.pdf (1.88 MB)
Here is the first revised document.
- deleted the repeated Rho's Weakness of "only 2 Ambassadors slots"
- changed "allys" to "allies"
- added "hex" to "(except center)"
- changed "cloacking" to "cloaking"
- changed "trade rate" to "trade ratio"
Oct 17, 2016
Eclipse_Species_Differences_v1.1.pdf (1.88 MB)
I was looking for a nice visual chart that explained all the species and their differences... but didn't find anything worth printing and laminating. So, I created my own. This is the first file I'm uploading onto BGG, so I hope you guys enjoy and find it helpful. If there any mistakes, big or small, let me know and I can update it.
Includes the core 12 species plus 6 from the expansion.
*Sorry, only A4... maybe you can shrink to fit?

~Linda from trevorandlinda
Oct 14, 2016


Eclipse:: Simplified (quick start) Rules with expansion By: SirCptnAwesome
Eclipse.docx (38 KB)
If you are like me, you have so many games you can play 2 a week for over a year and never play the same one twice. Reading rules every time you play a game takes precious, precious game time. I use these rules to give me enough to get going quickly with minimal need to reference the actual rules! It includes rise of the ancients expansion in a clear concise way.
Oct 5, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse Race Tiles By: DTHz
Eclipse Race (14.39 MB)
These are reference tiles for each of the races for Eclipse.

They are the same size as the other reference tiles used in the game.

They are double sided, so you can print and glue them to stiff card.
Aug 19, 2016


Eclipse:: Box insert plan to store core game and all expansions By: bodaster
eclipse-insert-plan.skp (1.28 MB)
SketchUp file containing the same plan, that is shown in the .pdf.
Jun 22, 2016
eclipse-insert-plan.pdf (8.06 MB)
Purpose of this foamcore plan is to have an insert for Eclipse boardgame, that holds also Rise of the Ancients and Shadow of the Rift expansions. Another major objective is to cut down on the lengthy setup time, which was always a problem for my group with this game. Enjoy.

Update: the ship pack one fit into the insert with some tweaking, though barely only. I managed to solve the issue so, that all player aids, and original ships of those color are in an expansion box at the moment, while everything else - including ship pack one ships - is in the core box. Had to slightly modify though some of the bottom boxes, as ship pack one ship sizes vary greatly and had to enlarge some of the boxes (had a minimal extra space in the box. Not ideal, but works. Trying to find a better solution.
Jun 21, 2016


Eclipse:: Total Eclipse - Easy Setup, plus Two Game Variants and Odds and Ends By: Antares Rangers
Total Eclipse v1.pdf (1.68 MB)
This article shows how to reduce your setup time for Eclipse to under 10 minutes. It also includes two new player variants: 1) A Variant for Human Diversity, and; 2) Concealed Sector Eclipse. Printable player-aids are included.
Jun 12, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse Hoxes By: TheZoc
Eclipse Hoxes - All Expansions (Including SotR and Black Hole).pdf (268 KB)
I really liked Penguinised HOX, but it was outdated with the release of Shadow of the Rift.

Also, the round edges were hard for me to cut in some instances, so I decided to make an angled version of it.

It was supposed to be for personal use only, but I decided to release it after a few adjustments.

I tested this with 225GSM paper and it's working great!

If someone likes it and would like to suggest a change or two, send me a PM :)

I hope you like it!
Jun 12, 2016


Eclipse:: Eclipse & RoA Playmat By: DrMalevolent
final2new090516.jpg (17.15 MB)
Version 2.0 -
I've updated the map to include some small but noticeable features to add to the simplicity of startup.

*Starting Tile orientation! - Take the guesswork out with the now included visual orientation *NOTE* 7-9 Player setup requires that you have at least one wormhole touching the Hex II tiles indicated by a solid half circle

*Changed the Hex III Setup Look - Some were not too keen on the previous arrangement. Made it more simplistic.
May 9, 2016
eclipseplaymat.jpg (17.12 MB)
This is a custom playmat that I created. The game area has tile numbering and is complete with a turn order, hex overflow, and areas to stack extra tiles with number of hex 3 to use for designated number of players. I suggest using inked playmats for the print as this is the only means that I've personally tested. The image is 37in x 37in at 150 PPI and follows the print guidelines exactly for the 36x36 print from this site.

Here is a link to the order page:

Images of completed mat:
Nov 6, 2014


Eclipse:: Player Sheet Overlay (vector file for laser cutter) By: binnet (11 KB)
As the title says. This is a vector file you can use to create an overlay for the player boards to hold all the population cubes and action discs in place. The files should be correctly scales so that it fits perfectly for the game =)

Apr 28, 2016


Eclipse:: German short rules By: lucyfer
Eclipse Kurzspielregel.pdf (205 KB)
German short rules for this great game! If anyone wants this in English please let me know. Updated and corrected.
Apr 27, 2016
Eclipse Kurzspielregel.pdf (129 KB)
German short rules for this great game! If anyone wants this in English please let me know.
Sep 8, 2012

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