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Asara:: Asara Solovariante By: Esit
Asara Solovariante.pdf (344 KB)
Asara Solovariante
Nov 13, 2017


Asara:: [Español] Reglas a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Asara - Reglas a la JcK.pdf (501 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas al estilo JcK.

Oct 13, 2017


Asara:: Asara Tuckbox By: Joellenbecker
Asara Tuckbox.pdf (75 KB)
Tuckbox for Asara cards, made by me by using the Tuckbox generator for Gimp:
Oct 19, 2016


Asara:: Asara Kurzübersicht mit Teileliste By: Joellenbecker
Asara.pdf (27 KB)
2-seitige deutsche Kurzübersicht mit Auflistung der vorhandenen Turmteile
Apr 9, 2016


Asara:: List of the number of each tower section By: Batz
Asara Tower Sections.pdf (78 KB)
I made this file because I kept forgetting how many Gold Decorations were in each stack. It's just a simple one page print that can be cut into 4 so that each person has a reference sheet to help them remember how many of each tower sections have decorations and which do not.
May 29, 2015


Asara:: Asara - polska instrukcja By: Slanek
Asara.pdf (124 KB)
Polska instrukcja do gry Asara.
Oct 14, 2014


Asara:: Asara - English rules (+ setup sheet and expansions) By: wamboyil
Asara Rules English.pdf (14.95 MB)
I was finally able to track down files for the full English rules, which people seem to have had a hard time finding over the years. I also added my own translation files for the 2 expansions (The Gifts of the Caliph, and The House of the Bottle Genie), along with a scan of the English setup sheet.

Apr 9, 2014


Asara:: Асара (Игровед) By: Shinner
Правила настольной игры Асара (Asara).pdf (1.48 MB)
Правила игры
Sep 22, 2013


Asara:: Asara- regras em português By: Patesi
Regras em português.
Apr 6, 2012


Asara:: magyar szabály + az 1. kiegészítőé is By: Dunda
Asara_v.pdf (3.83 MB)
A szabályok magyarul - Hungarian translation of the rules v1.1
(1 nem teljesen egyértelmű mondat pontosítása.)
Nov 23, 2011
Asara_különlap.pdf (1.89 MB)
A setup extralap forditasa
Sep 22, 2011
Asara_hu_v.pdf (3.59 MB)
A szabályok magyarul - Hungarian translation of the rules
Aug 29, 2011


Asara:: Asara in Spanish By: genismorera
Asara en Castellano.doc (113 KB)
Reglas en castellano
Nov 15, 2011


Asara:: Asara samenvatting nederlands By: zepson
Asara kort NL.pdf (9 KB)
Samenvatting van Asara in het Nederlands, in tekstvorm.
Sep 11, 2011


Asara:: Asara Korean Rules By: skeil
Asara Korean Rules v1_01.pdf (148 KB)
Asara rules in Korean.
Jun 7, 2011


Asara:: Asara Quick Reference By: Ajax
asara quick v10.doc (52 KB)
1-page, 2-sided quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Version 1.0.
Apr 3, 2011


Asara:: ASARA Game Rules / Set-Up and Components Sheet By: iconocaust
Asara Rule Translation 1.0.pdf (107 KB)
Translation of the German-language rulebook and setup sheet.
Dec 26, 2010


Asara:: ASARA Rules By: lanzaderas
Asara_Rules.pdf (22 KB)
english ver.1.0
Nov 22, 2010

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