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The Phantom League:: Modifications for Phantom League By: ProgFlower
Modifications to Phantom (128 KB)
This is a compilation of my modifications + player's aid for the game:
- NPC ships
- modifications to setup, battle , initiative
Dec 18, 2015


The Phantom League:: Card Manifest for Base game + Both expansions By: BeerAndBoard
Card Manifest.pdf (453 KB)
File showing all cards, and which game they are from, for the final 'Base game plus both expansions' set. Duplicate card numbers are included, this produces 'grayed out' rows for Card types that only have one of that number.
The five Battle cards that are removed for the PA rules have been left in this manifest for completeness but are labelled as such.
Jun 7, 2015


The Phantom League:: Combined GERMAN rulebook By: Eridis
Consolidated_Rules_v1_DE_small.pdf (6.61 MB)
This ought to be just the same as the english COMBO rulebook. Let me know if you spot any errors.
Oct 28, 2013


The Phantom League:: COMBINED rulebook - PL+MH+PA By: Eridis
Consolidated_Rules_Small_v1.pdf (6.67 MB)
Thanks to hard work of Posco, we can now enjoy a concise rulebook which combines all existing rulebooks and many rulings found from varying places.

This is a total replacement to ALL earlier rulebooks and it is advised that you shall not use the earlier versions.

It is to be noted that this combined version has ONLY PA-battle system (not original/MH).

Should you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Jun 12, 2013


The Phantom League:: "Official" battle alternative using dice By: Eridis
QuickCombat-UsingDice.pdf (75 KB)
Not tested for balance, yet. Game testing volunteers, please send us a mail to
Feb 17, 2013


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Icons By: RandomCore (2.18 MB)
45 icons from PhantonLeague. 39 icons from reference sheet, 1 currency icon and 5 marker from the Pilot Acadamy extension.
Dec 30, 2012


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Actions Reference Cards By: ScottE
PhantomL_ActionsRefCards.pdf (2.05 MB)
A set of action reference cards that list the various actions you can do on systems/planets/space stations. Updated to include MH & PA expansion changes. Card size 2.5" x 3.5". Print on card stock for best results.
Dec 6, 2012


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Ship Standees - v3 By: ScottE
PhantomL_ShipStandeesV3.pdf (3.53 MB)
A set of ship standees to help identify players. Once a player selects a ship, take a ship standee and place in front of their Ship Mat. Print out double sided, laminate, & use a card stand for best results.

Version 2- Adds Cobra from Mostly Harmless expansion. Also includes new sharper ship images & background. And slightly taller to work better with standees.

Version 3- Adds Marauder & Viper from Pilot Academy expansion. Moved 3 expansion ships to separate page.
Dec 2, 2012


The Phantom League:: New Dial graphic for making a sticker By: twthomas
New-Dial-Sticker.jpg (46 KB)
You will have to scale this to fit your original dial. Mine is 4 3/4 inches across so that is how I scaled it. This image is actually very large so do not print it as is.It must be sized correctly using whatever program you want to use. Print onto glossy label paper and make a sticker to place over the original dial.

Aug 27, 2012


The Phantom League:: Dumpty's Phantom League Player Aid 1.0 By: dumpty
Phantom League Aid 1.0.pdf (263 KB)
A no-nonsense player aid with what you need to refer to in the game. Movement, Actions, Recognition, and Battles are covered in an easy-to-use format.

You will also need a reference chart for symbols and Improvements, but there are some good ones in the Files section.
Apr 15, 2012


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Card Icon Fixes By: ScottE
PL_CardIconFixes.pdf (206 KB)
Three cards have wrong icons. Print this PDF on label paper and stick on the cards to fix the errors. This fixes Reactive Armor, Surprise Move, & Gatling (promo).
Nov 23, 2011


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Player Reference By: ScottE
PhantomL_PlayerRef.pdf (2.73 MB)
This 2 sided player reference includes Action Ref, Symbols, & Improvement Ref (base/expansion/promos). Print double sided and laminate for best results.
Nov 12, 2011


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Card Mats By: ScottE
PhantomL_CardMats.pdf (6.25 MB)
Two card mats to organize the various card types & ship improvements for faster play. Available in standard printer & wide format printer versions. Print out and laminate for best results.
Nov 12, 2011


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Thematically Correct Docking Refs By: ScottE
PL_ThemeDockingRef_v2.pdf (1.45 MB)
A sheet of 6 thematically correct docking Ref cards. Designed to be tucked at top of Player Mat. Print on card stock & laminate for best results.

Version 2 has a totally new graphic design to better match Karim's excellent player boards.
Jun 6, 2011
PhantomL_ThemeDock.pdf (1007 KB)
A sheet of 6 thematically correct docking Ref cards. Designed to be tucked at top of Player Mat. Print on card stock & laminate for best results.
Apr 2, 2011


The Phantom League:: Galactic Traderate Chart v. 3.1.0 By: Eridis
2010-05-11-TradeChart.pdf (868 KB)

This has been widely requested.
It corrects the only bugs found in
it so far. Feel free to distribute.
Apr 16, 2011


The Phantom League:: Phantom League Battle Mat - v2 By: ScottE
PhantomL_BattleMat_v2.pdf (1.39 MB)
A Battle Mat to hold the 3 types of Battle cards, Destiny deck, & basic battle rules. Print on laser printer & laminate for best results.

Version 2: revised card area layout, extra notation on Battle deck, adds Escape chart.
Apr 5, 2011


The Phantom League:: Part of corrected cards from 'Mostly Harmless' By: Eridis
MostlyHarmless_Corrected_Cards.pdf (2.23 MB)
Here you'll have 18 cards that will be reprinted in the 'Mostly Harmless' expansion. The Docking card reprints and couple of others are missing. I hope this serves the need couple of people have expressed. Should you find any mistakes, PLEASE let us know.
Mar 29, 2011


The Phantom League:: Simplified Chinese Rulebook By: Jiing
2011-03-19-Rulebook_SC_410_web.pdf (5.02 MB)
Simplified Chinese Rulebook translated from Traditional Chinese rulebook version 4.1.0.
Mar 19, 2011


The Phantom League:: The Phantom League Korean Rulebook By: skeil
The Phantom League Korean Rulebook v1_00.pdf (299 KB)
The Phantom League rules in Korean.
Mar 15, 2011


The Phantom League:: English rulebook is the CONSOLIDATED rulebook. These are for those who insist on playing without Pilot Academy. By: Eridis
2011-03-08-Rulebook_411_web.pdf (4.65 MB)
Minor fix to 4.1.0:
Page 2: corrected typo (loose > lose)
Page 5: "3. Destroying or defeating other ships." (added "or defeating" as a way to gain recognition)
Page 14: added BLock all damage symbol in the example.
Page 15 : corrected typo (whith > with)
Page 15: Apply damage to (font is smaller because it lacked "Bold" - set to Bold again).
Page 20: looting - changed "The looter takes all Improvements and cargo from the ship." > "The looter takes all Improvements, Fuel and cargo from the ship, and wins 3 ore."
Page 26 - added exact card numbers
Page 26: Corrected typo (Pirate Nest toke > token)
Page 27: 'Turtle move' moved slowly, so I put it back where it belongs.
Page 28: replaced $ by currency symbol.
Page 29 : added Ore symbol
Page 30 - corrected typos in "Free Trader Ship (S05) Though the description on the card's back mentions "Built-in fuel scoops", his Spaceship does not have a fuel scoop."
Mar 8, 2011
2011-02-10-Rulebook_410_web.pdf (4.65 MB)
This is now our very latest version of 4.1.0 rulebook.

It contains all of the rule changes/updates due to upcoming Mostly Harmless and all feedback we have gotten from all of our players.

* New battle system
* Plenty of clarifications on rules and cards alike
* Movement clarified
* About a dozen good and tested 'rule variants'
* Additions that Mostly Harmless introduce

We have now an excellent possibility to prune possible problems out and make the rulebook even better, before it enters the printing in April.

We'd like all of you study the new, much improved rulebook and give us feedback to:

You're free to distribute this rulebook.

And many thanks especially to Frank Griese, my new rulebook editor and our excellent play testing community.
Mar 2, 2011
2010-11-30-Rulebook_EN_403_web.pdf (4.67 MB)
I am proud to inform, that due to hard work of Frank Griese, we have now a new
much improved rulebook for Phantom League. It's been submitted to BGG today, but
I'll include a copy (PDF) in this mail. You can distribute this as you wish.

This manual is totally rewritten and should include all forum comments, modifications and such from BGG
and mail discussions.

It's good to know, that we are aware that there're still some graphical shortcomings, but it'll take some while for our graphics guys to summon up new graphics. We will update this manual when new graphics will be available and when you give us feedback on what should be made more clear/better.

If you have questions, comments or you find bugs, let us know at: and we will correct the bugs and help with your problems.
Dec 1, 2010
2010-10-17-Rulebook_EN_352_web.pdf (1.91 MB)
3.5.2 rulebook. Instead of using this, do get 4.0.3.
If its not available from BGG, do download it from:

Read 'release notes', it will explain what has been changed.
Oct 28, 2010


The Phantom League:: Traditional Chinese rulebook By: Jiing
2011-03-05-Rulebook_TC_410_web.pdf (4.82 MB)
Most updated Traditional Chinese rule translation based on English rulebook v4.1.0, excluding the rules about "Extension: Mostly Harmless" for about 2 pages.
Mar 4, 2011
Phantom League rulebook - Traditional Chinese v3.3.1.pdf (4.90 MB)
Translated based on mainly English rulebook v3.3.1 and some later versions.
Dec 6, 2010


The Phantom League:: Cartas de Misión en español. By: ilogico
TPL - Mision.pdf (37 KB)
Cartas de misión en español. / Mission cards translated into Spanish.
Feb 17, 2011


The Phantom League:: Cartas de Hiperespacio By: ilogico
TPL - Hiperespacio.pdf (33 KB)
Cartas de Hiperespacio en español. / Hyperspace cards translated into Spanish.
Feb 17, 2011


The Phantom League:: Cartas Alien en español By: ilogico
TPL - Cartas Alien.pdf (43 KB)
Cartas de encuentros alien en español. / Alien cards translated into Spanish.
Feb 17, 2011


The Phantom League:: Cartas de Docking en Español By: ilogico
TPL - Acoplamiento-Aterrizaje.pdf (43 KB)
Cartas de acoplamiento/aterrizaje (docking) en español. / Docking cards translated into Spanish.
Feb 17, 2011

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