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Loot:: Loot - quick rules refresher sheet By: AndyMo
Loot - Andy's Quick Rules.pdf (91 KB)
A quick rules summary to refresh yourself after you have not played in a while. Folds in half too !

House rules adopted from the kkrieger's post on the forum.
Feb 17, 2016


Loot:: Bản Việt Hóa Korsar Loot từ Tạ Hoài Thông - Boardgames Việt By: boardgamesviet
Korsar Loot.pdf (2.66 MB)
I've translated the Korsar Loot rule into Vietnamese. Hope it easy for Vietnamese players to learn how to play it.
Contact: http://boardgamesviet.com
Jul 29, 2015


Loot:: Korsar Rules in pt_BR By: viniciusmedina
Korsar pt_BR.pdf (38 KB)
Korsar rules based in previous works published here on BoardGameGeek.

The language of this document is brazilian portuguese.
Dec 16, 2012


Loot:: Reglas Loot / Korsar en español By: carlospm23
Loot.pdf (65 KB)
Reglas del juego traducidas al español. Contienen la variante para dos jugadores.
Sep 8, 2012


Loot:: Korsar English Rules (adapted from Loot rules) By: tmgd
Korsar.pdf (155 KB)
Korsar English Rules with cards from Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Nürnberger Spielkarten version (adapted from Loot rules)
Feb 12, 2011


Loot:: Korsar English Rules By: tmgd
Korsar EN.pdf (32 KB)
Fixed http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/3429/korsar-pdf file uploaded by Viktor Haag

Format of text translation to fold in four panels and fit in Korsar box
Jan 27, 2011


Loot:: LOOT/KORSAR Reglas en español By: critto
korsar reglas español.doc (25 KB)
Reglas del korsar o Loot traducidas..
Jun 6, 2010


Loot:: Korsar - Dutch rules By: tdelme
Korsar.pdf (107 KB)
Dutch translation of Korsar rules: formatted to fit in the box.
Aug 26, 2009


Loot:: Loot Play Summary By: kentreuber
Loot Summary 1.01.pdf (59 KB)
Updated version of Loot Play Summary adding additional clarifications and fixing a mistake.
Jun 25, 2009
Loot Summary.pdf (60 KB)
Play summary
Nov 26, 2007


Loot:: Loot Tuckbox for Small Box Version By: millercv
Loot Tuckbox Small.pdf (380 KB)

My first attempt at making a tuckbox.

Created using the template maker at http://www.cpforbes.net/tuckbox/

and images from here on BGG
May 2, 2009


Loot:: Loot - 2 Player Rules By: Paul65
Loot - 2 Player.pdf (51 KB)
A tidied up & formatted combination of several threads concerning 2 player versions of Loot. Aimed at improving Loot as a 2 player game.
Designed to be printed on a single A4 page.
Jul 7, 2008


Loot:: Korsar - Hungarian translation By: ef__
g_korsar.pdf (36 KB)
Dec 10, 2007


Loot:: Greek rules for Korsar By: ekdoreus
Korsar_gr.pdf (69 KB)
Translation of the rules for Korsar in Greek.
Oct 27, 2007


Loot:: Loot ITA RULES.pdf By: gnoccarello
Loot ITA RULES.pdf (3.04 MB)
LOOT: regolamento italiano illustrato - ver. 1.0
Feb 21, 2007


Loot:: LOOT-polski.pdf By: jarlsg
LOOT-polski.pdf (63 KB)
Game rules in polish, translated from english instruction
Feb 5, 2007


Loot:: Korsar%20-%20Regolamento%20ITA.pdf By: alkyla
Korsar%20-%20Regolamento%20ITA.pdf (25 KB)
regolamento in italiano
Aug 3, 2006


Loot:: KorsarSummary.doc By: cktjharris
KorsarSummary.doc (34 KB)
Rules Summary for Korsar
Mar 22, 2006


Loot:: Loot_Game_Log.pdf By: rayzir
Loot_Game_Log.pdf (82 KB)
Relive your triumphs and agonize over your defeats. Nice game log that fits snugly inside the game box.
Jan 5, 2006


Loot:: Korsar.pdf By: viktor_haag
Korsar.pdf (28 KB)
Format of text translation to fold in four panels and fit in Korsar box
Aug 11, 2003


Loot:: korsar.txt By: pinbot
korsar.txt (5 KB)
English rules translated from French translation
Dec 11, 2002

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