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Star Trek: Expeditions:: TOS cards with Clix values By: GSReis
CardsBGG.jpg (653 KB)
Character and ship cards with Clix values and the original series actors.
Aug 28, 2014


Star Trek: Expeditions:: STE Character Clix cards By: Timw
STE_ClixCards_v2.pdf (62 KB)
Updated clix cards for all characters (inc expansion) and ships
Aug 1, 2014
STE_ClixCards.pdf (780 KB)
Similar to DerMahler's file, for those who have trouble reading the clix values on the bases, here are character cards for the four base characters, the three expansion characters, and the two starships.
Sep 25, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: ST:E Stat Breakdown By: Herr von Ragend
STE Stat Breakdown.xlsx (32 KB)
As Star Trek: Expeditionsis a pretty mathematical game I thought I'd have a closer look at the mechanics and the figures.
I hope it helps with character selection and planning of the best course of action :)
Jun 11, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Star Trek Cards/Scoring Track Player Aid By: VonEpp
Star Trek Cards and Scoing - Player Aid.pdf (168 KB)
Here is a Player Aid that may assist you in tracking Challenges and scoring same. This only includes original game. I have yet to purchase the expansion. Thumbs would be greatly appriciated.

Von Epp
May 30, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Star Fleet Captain's Log-2 By: VonEpp
Star Fleet Captains Log-2.pdf (610 KB)
Print PDF document. For best results, print on both sides of paper. I used card stock paper for booklet cover. After ink has dried, fold each page in half. Insert pages in booklet cover. I used about six pages (max) for inserts. We use a "long reach" stapler to affix pages in booklet. Office supplies stores may be able to staple booklet together for you at no cost or nominal fee. After booklet is completed, log you games then toss booklet in your game box for easy access.
I employ the following formula for adding stardates. Since all battles are fought in pre-23 century, it is impossible to accurately capture today’s date in stardate terms. Follow the simple example below and use regular "military" time to document your games.
Example: May 24th, 2012 at 9:30 PM would look like this in "stardate" time:
120524.21 (I do not capture time from 9+ to 10 PM for example).

I hope you like this Captain’s Log and it helps you enjoy your missions better by giving it more theme induced logging.
May 25, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Starfleet Captain's Log By: VonEpp
Starfleet Captains Log.pdf (605 KB)
Greetings Star Trek Fans!

Here is a Starfleet Captain's Log book to capture all your games. Instructions to print/fold/assemble are included.

Thanks for downloading it!
Thumbs are truely welcomed...

May 24, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Quick reference in GERMAN By: LazarusHan
StarTrekExpoditionsDeutsch.doc (29 KB)
Turn, Action, Challange, Combat, Charakters and Cards with Text in german
Jan 6, 2012


Star Trek: Expeditions:: ST:E Revised Character Cards By: DerMahler
RevisedCharacterCards.pdf (705 KB)
For those of you who, like me, have a terrible time reading the numbers on the Character Clix, here are revised cards which include attributes and stats. Print on card stock, sleeve, and use a paper clip to keep track of stats. Also included are cards featuring Star Trek Prime character images.
Dec 20, 2011


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Updated (Nov. 2011) Star Trek Expeditions Rules Clarification & FAQ By: gladpanda
Star_Trek_Expeditions_Rules_Clarifications_11_29_2011.doc (42 KB)
Updated rules clarifications and FAQ document. Contains current instructions for product replacement inquiries.
Nov 29, 2011


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Star Trek Expeditions Rules Clarification & FAQ By: jziran
Star Trek Expeditions Rules Clarifications 7_18_2011.doc (44 KB)
Star Trek Rules Clarification and FAQ 07/18/2011
Jul 18, 2011


Star Trek: Expeditions:: TOS Character Cards By: CapAp
StarTrek.pdf (6.05 MB)
Character cards featuring the Original Series actors: Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and Nichols.
Jun 6, 2011


Star Trek: Expeditions:: Star Trek Expeditions EN Rulebook By: jziran
Star_Trek_Rule_Book FINAL.pdf (4.17 MB)
The Star Trek Expeditions rulebook.

Jun 3, 2011

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