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Panzer (second edition):: Scenario BD8 Delaying action around Minsk By: bdedrick
Scenario BD#8.pdf (1.05 MB)
Delaying action around Minsk
Nov 20, 2016


Panzer (second edition):: Advanved and Optional Rules TAbles By: attlia
Advanced Game and Optional Rules Tables v.2.0 2016.pdf (568 KB)
This is the corrected version of my tables and charts for the advanced and optional rules v.20 taht go with the 2016 reprint, I eliminated the typo.
Sep 1, 2016
Advanced Game and Optional Rules Tables.pdf (464 KB)
Here are some tables for advanced and optional rules that do not come with the original charts from gmt.
Nov 21, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Unofficial Panzer Rules Clarifications By: cfmcdonald
Panzer Clarifications.pdf (101 KB)
This document compiles my interpretations of various Panzer rules that I found unclear. The interpretations are based on CSW posts by the designer (Jim Day), but may not reflect his actual intentions, and he has not approved this document in any way.
Aug 21, 2016


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario Template By: Gustav6
scenario format - TEMPLATE.docx (247 KB)
This is a scenario template in MS Word I've created for you to encourage scenario creation.

Aug 2, 2016


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Basic Rules Chinese By: yucv2006
Panzer基础规则概要V1.0.pdf (982 KB)
The Chinese translation of basic rules
Aug 1, 2016


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario A8 - Probing Bastogne By: Gustav6
Scenario A8.pdf (504 KB)
A new Panzer scenario: Probing Bastogne: Bizôry-Neffe area, Belgium, 20 December 1944.
Dec 17, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario A7 - The Puma Prowls By: Gustav6
Scenario A7 .pdf (542 KB)
A new Panzer Scenario inspired by ASL Scenario T "The Puma Prowls". It's a tiny and fast scenario and it makes for a good basic game vehicle-only scenario.
Dec 1, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario A6 - Battle of the Frontiers By: Gustav6
scenario A6 v1.1.pdf (614 KB)
A new Panzer scenario: Battle of the Frontiers: South of Brest, 22 June 1941. V1.1. Corrected description errata: Eastern Front, not Easter Front.
Nov 30, 2015
scenario A6.pdf (613 KB)
A new Panzer scenario: Battle of the Frontiers: South of Brest, 22 June 1941.
Nov 27, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Reglamento Panzer Juego Avanzado By: lapipas
Reglamento Panzer AG.pdf (1.26 MB)
Como hice con las reglas básicas de juego, subo la traducción del Juego Avanzado. Como ya dije, al no ser profesional en esto, si veis fallos o algo que se pudiera cambiar para un mejor entendimiento, hacérmelo saber para cambiarlo.
Jul 2, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Tutorials By: Gustav6
Panzer tutorials 1-4 - Basic Game.pdf (3.04 MB)
Panzer Tutorials 1 to 4 in one document. These tutorials cover the Basic Game. Updated to latest version.
May 12, 2015
Panzer tutorials - 4-Basic Movement and Adjustment.pdf (1.11 MB)
Fourth of The Panzer Pusher Tutorials and end of the Basic Game
May 4, 2015
Panzer tutorials - 3-Basic AP Combat.pdf (1.02 MB)
Third of The Panzer Pusher Tutorials
May 3, 2015
Panzer tutorials - 2-Commands and Initative.pdf (476 KB)
Second of The Panzer Pusher tutorials.
May 3, 2015
Panzer tutorials - 1-General Concepts SOP and Spotting.pdf (1.55 MB)
First of The Panzer Pusher Tutorials.
May 3, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario A5 - On the Road to Bastogne By: Gustav6
scenario A5.pdf (646 KB)
23 December 1944: A mixed company of US 4th Armored Division, CCB, holds the village of Chaumont on his way to Bastogne. The Germans counterattack with elements of the 11. StuG Brigade to retake the village.
An original scenario by Jason Cawley.
For Panzer Expansion #3.
Apr 11, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario A4 - The Bridgehead By: Gustav6
Scenario A4.pdf (398 KB)
A new Panzer scenario: The Bridgehead: Gorshechnoye-Orlovka area, Soviet Union, 1 July 1942.
Apr 6, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Counter Inventory and Storage Solution By: ahmedhadzi
Panzer Counter Inventory.xlsx (3.23 MB)
With 1356 counters in base game and three expansions, it might take a while to find proper counters in setting up the game. This is my solution in making organization and set up fast, while also allowing for quick review of most important info for DIY scenarios. The whole process of clipping and creating this system took about 8 hours. Enjoy and let me know if you find any mistakes.
Apr 4, 2015


Panzer (second edition):: PzKpfw IIIG early Data Card By: Gustav6
G-10A_PzIIIG early.png (263 KB)
Pz IIIG early version armed with the 37mm L/47 gun.
Dec 26, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: PzKpfw IIIF late Data Card By: Gustav6
G-38A_PzIIIF late.png (239 KB)
Pz IIIF late version with 50mm L/42 gun.
Dec 26, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: PzKpfw IVJ alternate version VASSAL Extension By: Gustav6
PzIVJalt.vmdx (95 KB)
Exp #3 alternate Pz IVJ version VASSAL Extension.
Dec 17, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: PzKpfw IVH alternate version VASSAL Extension By: Gustav6
PzIVHalt.vmdx (96 KB)
Exp #3 alternate Pz IVH version VASSAL Extension.
Dec 17, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Game Card A/B - Revised By: mongoose27
PZ-PAC-A-B-Revised_2014.pdf (3.63 MB)
Revised game card includes updates and additional optional rules modifiers.
Nov 25, 2014
PZ-PAC-A-B-Revised_2014.pdf (3.63 MB)
Revised game card includes updates and additional optional rules modifiers.
Nov 23, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: New Panzer Scenarios By: bdedrick
Scenario BD #4.pdf (213 KB)
Redone with point values
Nov 12, 2014
Scenario BD #3.pdf (300 KB)
Accidentally deleted. Reload is the same file
Nov 12, 2014
Scenario BD #2.pdf (304 KB)
Russia, within site of the Spires of Moscow, October 1941. After a series of stunning successes, the German army was at the gates of Moscow. It was here that the Russians decided to make a stand. However, the Russian losses had been so severe that at times, tanks would be featured in parades in Moscow and then immediately shiped to battle. This is one such battle that may have occurred outside of Moscow as the Germans try to penetrate the Russian Defenses while the Russians rush a few companies of tanks to reinforce the front.
Oct 29, 2014
Scenario BD #1.pdf (253 KB)
Northeastern Germany, near the Village of Zinnowitz, May 1945. The war is over. Hitler lies dead in his bunker and now it’s only a matter of time before all of the high ranking Party members are caught and tried. However, there may be one final chance for them. A swift boat is waiting near a coastal village that can carry certain High up Party members to safety in Sweden then onto other parts of the world. But to get there they must first break through the Russian lines. So the High up Party members gather what forces they can in an effort to break through the encircling Russian troops to freedom. The Russians find out about the breakout and send the closest available units of the 40th and 44th Tank Brigades of the 1st Guards Tank Army.
Oct 28, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Scenario A-3 - The Race for Oil By: Gustav6
Panzer scenario A-3.pdf (435 KB)
Panzer Scenario A-3 in PDF format.
Original scenario design by Jason Cawley. Formatting and adaptation by Fernando Sola, this time using the official layout and graphics.
Oct 24, 2014
MapB.vmdx (1.16 MB)
Panzer VASSAL map extension. Put the MapB.vdmx file directly into your VASSAL Panzer Extension folder. The next time you open your Panzer VASSAL module, your new map will be uploaded with the rest of the extensions. Note that this map has no built-in coordinates nor grid, it is just a plain map.
Oct 24, 2014
Panzer - Map B 22'x34'.PNG (7.16 MB)
22'x34' Map B (modified Map A) in png format.
Oct 24, 2014
scenario tips.txt (8 KB)
Scenario tips in txt format.
Oct 24, 2014
readme - scenario a3.txt (2 KB)
readme file in txt format.
Oct 24, 2014
Scenario A3.rar (8.70 MB)
A new scenario created for Panzer. A tactical puzzle in the steppes of Southern Russia in the Summer of 1942 during Case Blue.

The file contains the pdf scenario file, a png map file for printing, a Panzer map VASSAL extension, a readme txt file and tips for the scenario.

Original scenario design by Jason Cawley. Formatting and adaptation by Fernando Sola, this time using the official layout and graphics.
Oct 6, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Panzer Scenario A-1 - Churchills at Kursk By: Gustav6
Panzer - Scenario A-1 v1.1.pdf (353 KB)
A new scenario for Panzer set during the opening hours of the Battle of Kursk. It requires the Panzer base set and Expansion 2.
Version 1.1 Changes:
-Reduced number of turns from 25 to 20.
-Exchange one PzIIIM with one PzIVG.
-Use of official-like layout.
Oct 22, 2014
Panzer - Scenario A-1.pdf (865 KB)
A new scenario for Panzer set during the opening hours of the Battle of Kursk. It requires the Panzer base set and Expansion 2.
Apr 18, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: List of Panzer components By: rulx
PanzerComponentsv2.doc (17 KB)
Updated file: components for Expansion 3 included


Previous file deleted
Oct 18, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: WWIII Patton's War Scenarios By: bdedrick
Scenario #8.vsav (15 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #8 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #7.vsav (16 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #7 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #6.vsav (12 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #6 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #5.vsav (7 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #5 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #4.vsav (6 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #4 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #3.vsav (14 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #1\3 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #2.vsav (12 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #2 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Scenario #1.vsav (10 KB)
Patton's War Scenario #1 in VASSAL
Oct 17, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #6.vsd.pdf (358 KB)
Redone Scenario #6 with corrected point values
Oct 16, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #8.vsd.pdf (364 KB)
South Western Poland, September 1945. The war had been hard and brutal so far and even though losses had been higher than expected, the overwhelming airpower and artillery advantage had allowed Patton to free a lot of Eastern Europe. However, an Patton was running short of top line equipment in order to continue is offensive. During one famous meeting with his staff while discussing getting new tanks to the front Patton lost his temper and shouted the now famous phrase “Get me those damned Panzer Aces, they’ll fight”. Luckily, during the same meeting one of the visiting British Generals suggested that Patton adopt an old Rat Patrol tactic of using fast, mobile Jeeps with anti tanks weapons. Patton loved the idea.
Oct 15, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #7.vsd.pdf (322 KB)
Northern Germany, Early September 1945. The war on the Northern Front of Germany had been stabilized for a few weeks. After an initial success against the second line Russian troops and an advance almost to the Polish border, the Brits had decided to pause and wait for the situation to settle down in the South. The Russians were more than happy to stop fighting for a while so they could rush more troops to the Northern front against the Brits. However, the best troops were all being sent south so the only troops available were some 2nd rate troops equipped with some older lend lease equipment. It is with these troops that the Russians decided to attack the British with.
Oct 14, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #5.vsd.pdf (256 KB)
Southern Germany, Late August 1945. Having decided the Germans are at least partially responsible for the new war, the Russians decide launch an attack on a newly re-armed German tank platoon as punishment. They choose one of the Veteran Guards Tanks units equipped with the newest equipment to do so. The Germans are not defenseless and due to American Air Superiority, know the attack is coming. A reserve American Armor platoon is also dispatched to assist the Germans.
Sep 30, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #4.vsd.pdf (232 KB)
Northern Germany, West of Berlin , Mid August 1945. As the British forces slowly pushed the Russians back towards Berlin, the situation became slightly more chaotic. In order to fix this issue, Field Marshall Montgomery ordered his armored columns to slow up and allow his recon units more time to do their jobs. This had the unfortunate side effect of stranding a few Recon units pretty far in front of the Columns they were doing reconnaissance for. The situation below has a British Recon Company ambushed by a Soviet Light Armored column. They are able to get a request for help and a nearby elite Tank group is sent to rescue them.
Sep 29, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #3.vsd.pdf (295 KB)
Northern Germany, East of Amt Neuhaus in The British Occupied Zone, Early August 1945. The British were just beginning their stand down of their forces after 5 long years of war. As a nation they were tired and there was even talk of ridding the government of that British icon Winston Churchill. Hence when the Americans launched their surprise attack against the Russians, the British were as surprised as anyone else. They were also extremely pissed off. After initial peaceful approaches to the Russians were rudely rebuffed, it was decided to join the Americans. It took a week after the war started for the British to attack. By then the Russians had decided to use their second line troops to pre-emtively strike the British (including some old T-28s). The result? A meeting engagement like the one that follows.
Sep 28, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #2 pdf.pdf (370 KB)
After the initial American Breakthrough the Russians were able to scrape together enough units to launch a hasty Counter-attack against the now weakened American 3rd Army. Patton and his generals had seriously underestimated the power of the Russian Tanks and only through the overwhelming American Airpower had they advanced as far as they had. Meanwhile Russian General Zhukov had been ordered by Stalin to defeat the Americans or suffer the consequences.
Sep 24, 2014
Pattons War Scenario #1 pdf.pdf (391 KB)
It's late June 1945 and Patton has realized that the Germans (although they needed to be defeated) may not be the biggest threat. He begins pushing Eisenhower for permission to tackle the Russians now, before the army has to demobilize. In real life Eisenhower and the higher up generals did not listen. In this case, however, Eisenhower and Truman both see the coming cold war with the Russians quite clearly and decide to listen to Patton. Without consulting any of their Allies, the Americans launch a surprise attack against the Russians with the 3rd Army.

Here is the first of 8 scenarios I have written for this proposed start of the 3rd World War.
Sep 23, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Chit-pull initiative variant By: jet-turkey
Panzerchitpull2.pdf (71 KB)
Version 2.0
Aug 30, 2014
Panzerchitpull.pdf (69 KB)
Version 1.0 "chit-pull initiative" variant that could be used along with my custom ID markers. It was not play-tested yet so any comment welcome.
The custom scenario formation sheets can be downloaded separately (so far only the 10 base game scenarios have been processed). That other file also includes these rules.
Aug 8, 2014


Panzer (second edition):: Scenario formation cards base game By: jet-turkey
panzerscen01-10.pdf (4.75 MB)
For staggered initiative/platoon ID/ammo dump hexes/cohesion and commands tracking! Here are the 10 base game scenarios formation cards to be used with the ID counters. The chit-pull initiative rules are included in the file.
Aug 18, 2014

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