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Ristorante Italia:: Ristorante Italia Quick summary By: Himmelhund
RistoranteSummarized.pptx (942 KB)
Ristorante Italia quick summary in ppt version. Ideal for printing 2 pages per sheet and then producing a small booklet.
This summary has some adopted some house rules that would make game play more streamlined and would need less looking up the rules. The changes are:
- Draw 3 recipe/wine cards (instead of 5) to reduce downtime
- All prize tokens are worth 10pts for easier calculation
- The dinner tables can all be bought anytime, but only 1 of each type per player. Less complicated.
- The best recipe get only 1 Golden Spoon (instead of 2)
Jan 17, 2017


Ristorante Italia:: Reglas en español - Ristorante Italia By: trpp
Reglas_Ristorante_Italia.pdf (8.70 MB)
Maquetadas como en el original.

Sí, en la primera página la traducción está en femenino, lo traduje para un regalo para chicas
Jun 22, 2016


Ristorante Italia:: Score Sheet By: igotdvds
Scorecard.png (149 KB)
Just in case you ran out of score sheets or dont like to use the ones it came with.
Oct 17, 2013


Ristorante Italia:: Ristorante Italia - Ingedienti By: king121t
Ristorante Italia - Ingredienti.docx (25 KB)
Tabella Ingredienti Italiano/Tedesco
Sep 8, 2013


Ristorante Italia:: Hungarian rules By: szabola
ristorante_hun_rules.pdf (1.18 MB)
Hungarian rules of Ristorante Italia boardgame
Apr 22, 2013


Ristorante Italia:: Ristorante Italia bonus cards By: szabola
ristorante_bonus_cards.xls (25 KB)
Bonus cards of Ristorante Italia in English, German and Hungarian languages in an excel file. If you want to translate bonus cards into your language , simply adding a new column to excel file would be a good solution in my opinion.
Apr 9, 2013


Ristorante Italia:: Quick reference - Azioni disponibili e punteggio finale By: rickipresta
Foglio di consultazione amatoriale in italiano: un lato riassume tutte le azioni disponibili (versione base, avanzata e completa differenziate dal colore di sfondo).
L'altro lato invece riassume come fare punti alla fine della partita. Infine una piccola tabella su come risolvere le parità.
Jan 30, 2012


Ristorante Italia:: Quick reference - Available Actions and Final Scoring By: rickipresta
Home made reference sheet. One side displays the actions you can perform during your round (basic, advanced and complete version options are distinguished by background colour).
The other side shows the various ways to score points at the end of the game and a tie-breaker reference
Jan 23, 2012


Ristorante Italia:: Ristorante Italia - Errata Corrige & FAQ By: campro
Ristorante Italia - Errata Corrige & FAQ 1.0.pdf (88 KB)
Ristorante Italia - Errata Corrige & FAQ

Errata Corrige relativo ad un errore presente nel regolamento italiano e risposte alle domande più frequenti.

Un ringraziamento al gentilissimo Riccardo Guerra che mi ha aiutato a redigere questo documento.
Nov 26, 2011


Ristorante Italia:: Ristorante Italia (english) - Distribution of Ingredient chips per market - v1 By: EuropaExpress
Ristorante_Italia_Ingredient-chip_Distribution (english)_v1.pdf (12 KB)
This file contains an overview (in english) of all the ingredients per market and the number of times they occur.
For example: There are 3 strawberries available at the Fruit market.

After a couple of plays we felt we needed this aid to better understand one's chances of obtaining the right ingredient.
Nov 18, 2011


Ristorante Italia:: Very first English rules of the game By: Frost82
regolamento.pdf (2.68 MB)
Finally, here're rules. We still need to look at something around and they're still in low-res, but I think they're good for who's looking for more informations on the game.
Sep 26, 2011

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