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General Gaming
General discussion about the gaming hobby.
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Post requests for game recommendations, information, and make game suggestions here.
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Gaming Photography
Discuss photography of games here.
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Propose game trades to other BoardGameGeek users here. No dealers, no SPAM.
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Discussing Retailers
Discuss game retailers, ebay sellers, the marketplace, and anything else related to buying and selling games here. Please, no offers or ads by sellers.
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Hot Deals
Post the hottest prices and deals you find on the net.Please post deals you've found, not items you are seeking. No coupon codes, no dealers, no eBay auctions, no SPAM.
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Post announcements of Geekgold auctions or Geeklist auctions here.
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Gaming Articles
Post lengthier gaming articles here.
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Computer Based Board Gaming
Post articles related to playing board games on computers.
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Arrange and play PBEM (Play By Email) games here.
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Podcasts & Blogs
Post podcast and blog announcements here.
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Press Releases
Publishers, designers, organizers post your press releases or game announcements here.
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Post information about conventions here.
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Women and Gaming
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Gaming with Kids
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Games in the Classroom
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Do It Yourself
Discuss DIY gaming projects and tips here.
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