Games to buy in Germany - please help a newbie. :)
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Hi everybody. I'm still new to boardgamegeekdom, and I need a little help from you folk. Despite visiting this site nearly daily and adding 30ish amazing games to my collection over the last couple of months, I'm still very new to certain aspects of this hobby. Let me get to the root of my problem...

I have a couple very good friends who moved to Germany recently, and they have agreed to re-ship orders of boardgames out of there to little ol' me in Tampa. I need your help in creating a good list of games that are common/semi-common/at least findable in Germany that otherwise can be difficult to acquire here in the US. Also, I need to know websites/stores in Germany that could supply the boardgames for them to ship to me. Currently I've been visiting, but I don't know enough German to find many sites. I've also heard of Adamspielt and, but know nothing about them. Please end my ignorance and inform me of the games I should buy online/have them look for and where to do the buying from. I'll start the list with a couple of games that seem to be easy enough to obtain from Germany but difficult here. If you have physical store locations, they live near Trier.

Also, I'm not so knowledgeable on what games are totally awesome and so please bring amazing games to my attention in the process of filling in this list. Also, please note which games won't be at all playable without a thorough knowledge of German.

Thanks for any and all help!
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