High and Mighty III - A higher value math trade
Jack K
United States
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Each of the past two years, I've run higher value math trades. We've had success with this - 20% of items traded - and hopefully we can make it three in a row...

If you don't know how a math trade works, please watch this great video guide by by Boathouselooper, who will be at F&I if you want to say thank you.

Of course, we need a lower end cutoff here and so I will, somewhat arbitrarily, choose:


How will this be determined? See rule #1 below.

Request GeekList: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/143775

Discussion Thread: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/819376

Use of the On-Line Want List Generator (OLWLG) is required for this event (please remember to tip JeffyJeff some GG for his support).

Key dates (all times are CENTRAL TIME)

Open for posting games: Friday, June 22nd (10pm) until Wednesday, June 27th (10pm)

Want list submission period: Wednesday, June 27th (10pm) until Friday, June 29th (10pm) - no extensions!

Results posted shortly thereafter.

Do not delete items or sweeteners once you have listed them. Just submit a blank want list for an entry if you've traded it away before the deadline.

The rules - please take a few minutes to read them:

d10-1 In the event of uncertainty, we will use the following mechanism to judge if an item can be included:

In print new games:

Do not use MSRP. Use available prices from the usual online vendors.

If you know that an item is only available somewhere else, please point that out in your entry.

In print used games:

Use the BGG Marketplace history - sold items, not the prices for unsold items.

Out of print games:

BGG Marketplace history should be the first stop - items not sold in the past year in the Marketplace will be treated more leniently as their value has probably risen

When in doubt, use this site to get more information (you can mouse over the sold item to sometimes see notes about version, condition etc.):

The moderator reserves the right to make all final decisions on this.

Packaging games to get over the $60 value is OK.

d10-2 Geekgold may be used only as a sweetener and will not count towards the package value.

d10-3 Gift certificates are allowed, but given the fact that shipping affects the value of a GC obtained for a game, no GCs will be allowed below the value of $75, except as a sweetener.

Edit - it makes some sense to me to make the following modification to the GC rule:

For GCs added as sweetners, the total value of your package must be at least $75 and the value of your GC should not exceed the total value of the game(s) it is paired with.

Other items outside the scope of BGG are permitted if they meet the valuation.

d10-4 Gift certificate arbitrage is NOT allowed. However you may trade an entry that has GG or a GC as a sweetener for another which also has GG or a GC as a sweetener, provided that the other items offered in each entry are entirely different - it's just too hard to police otherwise.

d10-5 As accurately as is reasonably possible, describe the condition (components and box), language and edition of your item in the description. This includes sweeteners if they are physical items.

For games not brand new (in shrink) you must inventory the game's components and list anything missing. Do not assume it's complete. Also, remember that just because something is "new in shrink" that doesn't mean that you shouldn't disclose any dings. It might not matter to you, but it matters to others.

d10-6 Clearly state your shipping policy in your listing. You are required to cover shipping within your own country. For U.S. residents, you are only required to cover shipping within the 48 contiguous states. You are not required to ship outside of your own country but your shipping restrictions outside of your own country must be clearly stated and if you are not covering full shipping elsewhere, then you must state precisely how much of the actual shipping cost you will cover.

Any ambiguity will be interpreted as generosity on your part. This means that if you don't include a shipping policy, then it is assumed that you will ship anywhere in the world for free!

d10-7 If you've been reported to me as a bad trader, you cannot participate. If you try to, I will remove your entries.

d10-8 Do NOT include links to other games in your entry unless you are actually including them as a sweetener, as this is displayed in a misleading manner by the OLWLG.

d10-9 Subscribe to your entries and respond to questions during the item submission period. People often ask questions of items - most commonly because you have forgotten to state a version, language or shipping policy. You will NOT be able to respond to comments in the GeekList once it is locked down and the want list submission period begins.

Other useful information

Software Used: TradeMaximizer 1.4 with duplicate protection. SEED=1234567, ITERATIONS=100, METRIC=USERS-TRADING

Geekgold restrictions:

Users may not post more geekgold than they currently have. GG may be used as a sweetener only.

Want list submission

You can start creating your want lists any time after the start of the event.

Please note that it's best to work on your want lists and submit them early - you can always make changes and resubmit later. This will prevent you from being left out if you forget the deadline.

Remember that you may have saved your want lists, but they have NOT been submitted until you press the green button in step 4 and received a confirming Geekmail.

You are not obliged to trade anything you put up for offer. If you offer a game, but see nothing that you are willing to accept for it in trade, you can submit a blank want list for it, or not submit one at all. If, however, you do submit a want list for a game, then it is expected that you will honour any trade that the TradeMaximizer comes up with. You will not receive anything you did not list as acceptable for the game(s) you have offered, so it is important to check your want lists carefully before submitting them to check for errors.

Please note: Sometimes real life intrudes on us unexpectedly. If I'm a little late posting something, please bear with me.

Thanks for reading to the bottom here - you may be in a minority.

So enter lots of items and have fun!

Deadline-Offers: Wednesday, June 27th, 2012, 10:00 PM CDT
Deadline-Wants: Friday, June 29th, 2012, 10:00 PM CDT
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526. Board Game: Princes of the Renaissance [Average Rating:7.40 Overall Rank:743]
Board Game: Princes of the Renaissance
Jeff Michaud
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On-Line Want List Generator - Hopefully Making Math Trades a Little Bit Easier
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new in shrink, english warfrog edition. have a tear in shrink (see my private photo gallery for some pics)

Will ship only within lower 48 USA, but to which I will cover the full cost of shipping.
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