CLOSED -- Tim Seitz (out4blood) Memorial Fundraiser Auction -- $8500 raised --Thank you all!
John Sizemore
United States
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An auction for the family of a beloved BGGer

Starting: now
Ending: Friday, 14 December, 2012, 11:59:59 PM EST

What's this about?

Tim Seitz
United States
Glen Allen
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Last Saturday, Tim Seitz, better known here on BGG as out4blood, passed away from a heart attack after a long bike ride here in Richmond, Virginia. Tim was a great friend and an amazing gamer, as attested by the many kind remarks folks have been making on the forum posts (there have been two that I know of) and this Geeklist. His loss was terrible blow to the community and to his friends. The gaming world grew a lot quieter, and a lot less interesting, when Tim left us.

Our loss is nothing compared to that of his lovely family, though. Tim left behind a wife of 19 years, as well as three young children. The holidays are never going to be the same for them.

Financially, too, things are going to be difficult. Tim did not leave behind a lot of medical bills, but the recession had not been kind to him. He had just started a new company with a couple of other guys, and so the future looked bright, but sadly Tim never got the chance to turn things around entirely.

As an expression of our love for Tim, and as a token of our appreciation for his many contributions to the gaming community, I would like for us to gather together and do what we can to give his wife and children a bit of a financial lift. I can't think of a better way to honor Tim and the holiday season than to give generously to his family. I hope you'll join with me in doing whatever you can.

The format of this auction is based on (and shamelessly copied from) that of Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction - 2012 - CLOSED - Time to pay and ship!.
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How can I help?

You can:
* Donate a game
* Buy a game
* Thumb this list, and mention it to others - Twitter, FB, whatever
* Help me with accountability
* NEW! Donate money directly to Tim's family

Donating a Game

To donate a game, simply add a board game, video game, or RPG to this list:

1) Scroll up to the top of the geeklist (above the first actual game entry, below this header).
2) Click on the 'Add Item' link
3) Select Board Game (or VideoGame or Designer or whatever) on the page that appears.
4) Enter the game name in the name field and select the appropriate game from the drop down list that appears.
5) Type in game condition and shipping information in the comments section. Please be as specific as you can about the details that may be interesting to a buyer, such as the edition and language of the game, whether all parts are fully accounted for, any box imperfections, and so forth. Once you're done, click on the Submit button. There are no standard shipping requirements - please select those that suit you.
6) Feel free to specify a starting bid. I'd prefer it if no one specified a BIN price, but do what seems best to you in this regard.

Buying a Game

Surely we all know how to do this. Just add your bid as a comment to the item you're interested in. Be generous! I will ask, in the spirit of kindness and generosity, that folks refrain from sniping.

When the auction ends

1) The thread will close at 11:59:59, EST, on Friday the 14th of December. I'll use the clock on's servers to judge whether a bid was placed on time or not.
2) I will announce the winner for each item.
3) I email each winner with instructions for payment. For now payments are going to come to me, but see "Accountability" below.
4) Once payment is received, I will post that information on the item.
5) The generous person who donated the item and the recipient can then work out the shipping details. Please pay shipping costs to the person who donated the game/item.
6) Unless I hear or state otherwise, I will be taking no further action after we post that payment has been received.
7) I don't know how to do tax receipts. If someone would like to help me with that, it would be awesome.
8) All of the money will go to Tim's wife, Wendy, to help her cover her expenses and get the family back on their feet.


It's very important to me that all donors have complete assurance that every penny they have donated is going to Tim's family. For now, the best way I know to do that is to post figures for all of the bids paid, and to get a few of mine and Tim's mutual friends here in Richmond to verify that the funds have been completely transferred to Wendy. If anyone else has a better idea, or would like to assist in verifying this, please send me a GM. I would really love to have someone well-known and trusted in the community to look everything over, but I'll take help where I can get it. The important thing is that people are able to give with confidence. Thanks!

UPDATE 8 December 2012:

Thanks to the extreme generosity of so many Geeks, we're getting very close to $6000 in total pledges! I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has participated so far. Your gifts are going to make a major difference in the lives of the four people Tim loved most in the world. I believe that if Tim could be here to see this, he'd be completely speechless (quite a rare occurrence for him).

UPDATE 13 December 2012:

Wow -- I haven't checked the numbers yet this evening, but we were just shy of $8000 in total max pledges last night! This has really made December feel like Christmas for me, and I hope it has for all the participants as well. Tim's funeral cost the family about $8500, so with a small push at the end we can offset that cost entirely and still have a bit left over. Thanks again, and please remember to tell folks about the auction!

Update 15 December 2012 (the wee hours):

That's it! Thanks again to everyone who bid or donated games. I'm now going to go through entry by entry, declaring the winner and emailing the winners with payment instructions. Once I have a grand total, I will post it here. Donors should start thinking about packaging their games for shipping -- the person who won your game might like to get it before Christmas (too late for Hanukkah, sorry).

Update 15 December 2012, 1:18 p.m. EST:

Alright, I have made it through the first 3 pages, plus a smattering of others on later pages. Time for a lunch break! I'm declaring the winner and the amount, then sending the winner a GM. Sorry if you won several items and get several emails -- I'm just trying to smash through the list as fast as I can (hopefully) without too many mistakes. Once I get all that done, I'll start going through and noting the bidders who have paid. Thanks for your patience! I don't have a grand total yet, but it looks like it's going to be around $8300 -- thanks, everyone!

Update 15 December 2012, 4:03 p.m. EST:

All winning bidders have been GM'ed! A few minor issues have been addressed. My phone is dinging regularly with Paypal alerts! You guys totally rock -- depending on the exchange rate (we have a couple of Euro bids), we should break the $8750 mark for total winning bids! This is fantastic, because it means that Wendy will have all of Tim's funeral expenses totally paid for. This is going to mean so much to her and the kids.

I smell badly of B.O. now, so I'm going to hit the showers and take care of a couple of errands (hungry cats) before I start going through payments to mark them off. Tonight you should see the winner notices updated as I go through them. If you have paid but don't see your winning bid notices update tonight or tomorrow, please send me Geekmail so that I can get it straightened out! Thanks again, everyone.

Update 16 December 2012 (the wee hours):

I believe that I have marked PAID to everyone who sent funds to me on Saturday. I have received a grand total of $5,277.56 so far! Note that I have given exact net figures for every item, so that everyone knows exactly how much of their money is going to the Seitz family after PayPal gets their 3% or so. If you'd like to prevent PayPal getting any, you'll have to link your account to a checking account or debit card (I believe) and send it as a gift or personal transfer (I am sure). The good news is that PayPal only levies the fee once, so once it is in their system it can be transferred without more fees. So I'll be able to get every penny that I have listed here to Wendy with PayPal.

Update 16 December 2012 7:41 p.m. EST:

I'm just about to go through with another round of PAID notices. We're up to over $7200 in paid bids, so thank you to everyone who has gotten their money to me already! I'm going to make the main deposit to Wendy's account as soon as I hear back from her about whether the memorial fund address is where she'd like to receive it. I'll deposit the rest after everyone has paid.

Some people seem to have missed the PAID notices. Please understand that I cannot edit Geeklist items posted by other BGG users, so I am updating my own winner notices, near the end of the comment thread following each item, to show that an item has been paid, and exactly how much will be going to the Seitz family.

Also, some folks have expressed concern that their donations have been lessened by PayPal. There are ways to prevent PayPal from taking their fee, as discussed, but please don't feel like you're honor-bound to go back and add to your payment to cover the fee. It's great, really, and thanks very much if you'd like to do that. But everyone understands that it's a cost of doing business with PayPal. I didn't want anyone to feel that I was posting "net" figures as a way of making bidders feel pressured to cover the fee or anything like that--I just want to be completely transparent about what money is going where.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about the auction, and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Update 26 December 2012 5:35 p.m. EST:

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I just sent the rest of the auction proceeds to Wendy. We brought in $8,499.62, thanks to the generosity of so many donors and bidders. Thank you all very much!

As of Sunday, with one exception, all bidders have paid in full, some more than that! I have contacted the donor of the one special case game, so if you have not received word from me via GM to the contrary, donors should send any remaining games out ASAP.

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126. Board Game: Dark Horse [Average Rating:6.74 Overall Rank:4749]
Board Game: Dark Horse
I would like to offer a new signed, or un-signed, copy of Dark Horse to help with the auction. The game will include both the Outlaw and Salty Troll expansion. As a bonus I will be including some hand crafted components from the upcoming full expansion as well.

I will ship anywhere in the US for free or take $10 off the cost of international shipping.
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