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So I frequently get asked certain questions, and I thought it would be nice to respond with a "check http://faq.rahdo.com" to those questions, and hence, this geeklist was born!

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1) Who is Jen?
2) Where does the name "Rahdo" come from?
3) What's with the Klingon subtitles?
4) How do you rank [insert game here]?
5) I love [insert game here]! What should I buy?
6) You think [insert game here] is too conflict-heavy? I disagree because...
7) Why do you only ever give good reviews?
8) Why do you cover so many kickstarter games?
9) Do you get paid to do runthroughs by publishers?
10) I love your show, how can I support it?
11) What's this I hear about Rahdo's voters? How do I vote?
12) Will you run through my game?
13) How did you get started doing runthroughs?
14) Do you do Rahdo Runs Through full time?
15) What game got you into boardgames?
16) What equipment do you film your videos with?
17) What happened to your gaming table?
18) Where can I get that chicken cup you use in your videos?
19) Are you going to design a boardgame?
20) Do you have any suggestions for a first time boardgame designer?
21) Why don't you use a GoPro?
22) You're leaving Malta???
23) How to you rank and classify your games on BGG?
24) Have you considered trying [insert idea here] as a variant?
25) Your video for [X] is too riddled with errors for me to learn the game! Can you refilm it?
26) Who is this stranger in this runthrough?
27) What about [insert other questions here]?
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