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In the grand tradition of BurrEato in November. "Taco Month" was started in 2013 as a compliment to the beloved burrito challenge. It was renamed in 2014 as "Taco de Mayo".

Taco de Mayo is a challenge, a contest, and a celebration of all things taco.

Challenge - Eat 31 Tacos in 31 Days, Beat last year's group total.
Contest - Be the one to eat the most tacos or compete against your close rivals!
Celebration - Share your stories, pictures, and recipes.

Ways to Participate:
Join Taco de Mayo by signing up in this geeklist!
Talk about Taco de Mayo in the official forum thread.
Buy and proudly display the Mexican food and/or Taco fan microbadge(s). mb mb
Eat tacos!

Challenge Details:
1. There are 31 days to eat 31 tacos.
2. For the sake of Taco de Mayo, a "taco" is composed of any sort of edible filling wrapped in a tortilla, taco shell, circular flat bread or lettuce/cabbage leaves consumed in a traditional taco shape.
3. There are no limits to how many you eat in a day.
4. You don't have to eat a taco every day. Monthly total is what counts.
5. This is a fun competition so feel free to be inventive and non-traditional.
6. Track your progress in the geeklist. Keeping your entry updated is appreciated.

Tailored prize for the taco champion (most tacos eaten)! generously donated by Disom
Eat 31 Tacos get "Free" Tacos! generously donated by Disom
Rudy's Hot Pepper Flakes to Random Finisher generously donated by Tickmanfan
Deadpool Taco T-Shirt generously donated by Sunkencheerio
Die Cast Taco Truck for the first to complete the 31 Unique Taco Challenge generously donated by Percephony

Any prize donations are greatly appreciated. Mini-contests are encouraged. Additional prizes TBA!

Whether you eat 1 taco or 100 please feel free to join in the fun! Every taco recorded helps us beat last year's total.
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