BurrEato 2016- Join us in eating 30 burritos in 30 days!
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This November is your chance to join us for the sixth annual eating of 30 burritos in 30 days. BURRITOS!!!

Burrito Hall of Fame inductee #1 is:

United States
No too far from Philly
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"It all started in 2011 with a serious post and then things quickly got out of hand."
Rudy has now retired from the organizing committee, but will likely show up as a participant (and cheerleader).

If you have no life beyond BGG, you can check out the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 geeklists.

What to do?
1. (mandatory) Sign up by adding a game item to the list below. Copy my layout example, for example.
2. (optional, but encouraged) Buy the Burrito Lover microbadge! Microbadge: Burrito lover
3. (mandatory) Love burritos, eat burritos.
4. Tell us about your burritos here: Burreato 2016- The Official Discussion and Chat Thread

1. The challenge begins on November 1, 2016. You then have 30 days to eat 30 burritos.
---> Any burritos eaten in October and December are considered as "practice", and "showing off", respectively.
2. There are no limits on how many you can eat per day.
3. Food must be completely covered by a tortilla*. Restaurant-listed "burritos" (written that way on a menu but come with open ends) will still count.
*4. For the health conscious folks, a burrito bowl minus the tortilla will be allowed. See this "Dieter's Guide" by Renwmn. Also, lettuce or cabbage leaves are IN.
5. Post and share your journey with the rest of us here, on your geeklist item.

1. Microbadge to all who finish, assuming that I can get one approved.
2. See below.

If you love tacos, mark your calendar for Taco de Mayo in May 2017!

If you have never tried this before and don't believe that you can do it, then you may not have realized the potential of the breakfast burrito to pad your totals with.

External image

This year's challenge is also attempting to increase both participation AND a higher overall burrito total than any other year-- previously, a record 1,488.75 buritos were eaten in Nov. 2014 (we ate 1,330 last year)

To that end, here is a new twist on things. There are TWELVE participation goals for you to optionally try for.
You won't be able to do all of them, though. See the list item below this one for details.

By the way, if anyone is willing to sponsor a trophy or an award, by offering up geekgold or an actual physical prize (or prizes), please geekmail me with your offer, and which one you want to help with.
All geekgold tips and prizes will be given away and not just kept by me, although I do plan on competing for some of them legitimately.

The first person who offers gets the first choice of trophy/ award to sponsor.
There are ten six chances to get your name on one of them as a soon-to-be beloved donator.

Otherwise your award or trophy will be a "virtual" one (possibly some image that I photoshop together at the last second and post to your list item).
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