School Game Program - The First of Many Victories...
Giles Pritchard
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Yes, you (and any casual observer nearby) can certainly tell when you have an obsession when it begins permeating other aspects of your life.

I'm a teacher. I love board games. Inevitably there was going to be a collision.

I've agitated for some time that a school NEEDS a game program, whether it's a game club, after hours thing, whatever...a school without a game program is going to cause strong men to cry. cry

So, after many hours spent whining to the principal, to the deputy, to the other teachers, to the...well lets just say that after a lot of cogent debate, after much well articulated and healthy discussion about the practicalities of such a program, potential benefits, potential costs, and what it was exactly that was wrong with my mental condition it was finally agreed upon. The school was to buy some games.

Seeing this as the first of many victories I decided to waste no time, I put aside the family tree I've been working on which traces my roots back to Hercules (through Alexander of course), and began in earnest on a new project.

The following list includes the games my school has bought, rules changes I have introduced (the students are well aware of the rule - Mr P. MUST be VICTORIOUS), and how well they have worked.

This is the first victory, I will add more as the program continues. If you have used any of these games (or others) in a school environment please feel free to add your experiences to the mix!
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1. Board Game: Chicken Cha Cha Cha added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 04:39:18
2. Board Game: Dancing Eggs added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 04:48:47
3. Board Game: Gulo Gulo added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 04:52:59
4. Board Game: Halli Galli added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 04:55:24
5. Board Game: Hey, That's My Fish! added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 05:06:54
6. Board Game: Expedition added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 05:17:49
7. Board Game: Pick Picknic added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 05:23:01
8. Board Game: Animal Upon Animal added by caradoc on 2007-05-21 05:26:49
9. Board Game: 10 Days in Africa added by caradoc on 2007-05-23 03:35:45
10. Board Game: Carcassonne added by caradoc on 2007-05-23 03:40:52
11. Board Game: Cartagena added by caradoc on 2007-05-23 03:46:51
12. Board Game: Diamant added by caradoc on 2007-05-23 03:53:39
13. Board Game: Pickomino added by caradoc on 2007-06-18 06:09:53