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A collection of mini "session reports" that I try to post regularly. In the old days (pre-BGG), we used to share these kinds of things over email, in mailing lists. In some ways, I miss those days, and this is my personal experiment in bringing it back (a little). In that mailing list era, we wrote them LONG, because shared session reports were the way we all learned about games. They don't need to be long anymore, because anyone interested in a game already knows it, or can look up pics, rules, etc. easily enough. So let's see if I can write short session reports, and if they'll be of interest to anybody here.

As for star ratings, here's my thinking: this is a reflection of my personal enjoyment & excitement about the game, both for this specific outing, and my anticipation of future plays. It's not exactly the same thing as half my overall rating of the game (which is an attempt at something more objective). That is, I may rate a game an  8  in the database, but in a session report it may sometimes feel like , , or !

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