Out of the Dust November 2018
Bryce Journey
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"Out of the Dust" is a term referring to games we play that we haven't played in awhile - typically a year or more. Sometimes games get a little dusty if we leave them on the shelf too long between plays - hence they are removed from "out of the dust" when we brush them off to play them again. Like other monthly Geeklists, the Out of the Dust Geeklist serves as a dedicated place for board gamers to post the games they played in the previous month - in this case, the dusty games we played again. The Out of the Dust Geeklist is open to anyone who logs their plays and has played a dusty game in the last month.

Posters to the Geeklist are encouraged to write something about the games they brought out of the dust this month. Why did the game get dusty? Why did you decide to dust it off? How does the game compare to how you remembered it? Are you likely to play it more often in the future? These are the questions that we’re particularly interested in examining in the Out of the Dust Geeklist.

Andy's handy tool will analyze a user's logged plays for a range of inputted dates and quickly identify any eligible "out of the dust" games. This tool also formats the results in handy BGG code that can conveniently be copy and pasted into a Geeklist entry! http://www.grimwold.org.uk/bgg/tools/dustyPlaysBGG.php

If you want to be notified each month when the Out of the Dust monthly Geeklist goes live, please subscribe to the Out of the Dust Subscription Geeklist

If you'd like to check out other fun monthly Geeklists, BaSL has a comprehensive list at his monthly Most Played Geeklist, the most recent iteration of which can be found as a link here: Your Most Played Game GeekLists - Announcement Thread

You can also listen to the official Out of the Dust podcast! You can subscribe to the podcast's guild: Out of the Dust Board Games Podcast
and listen at: https://www.spreaker.com/show/out-of-the-dust-board-games-po...
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1. Board Game: Concordia added by radagast14 on 2018-11-30 17:51:19
2. Board Game: Lord of the Fries added by Kobold Curry Chef on 2018-11-30 18:09:52
3. Board Game: GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck added by Carthoris on 2018-11-30 18:15:13
4. Board Game: War added by Jrtolf on 2018-11-30 19:28:47
5. Board Game: Combat Commander: Europe added by SBGrad on 2018-11-30 21:57:13
6. Board Game: London (first edition) added by Lowengrin on 2018-12-01 00:25:29
7. Board Game: Nexus Ops added by rynelf on 2018-12-01 01:09:43
8. Board Game: Roll for the Galaxy added by Lemem on 2018-12-01 01:13:48
9. Board Game: Potion Explosion added by Farydia on 2018-12-01 03:16:58
10. Board Game: Mississippi Queen added by Quayde on 2018-12-01 05:26:11
11. Board Game: Morels added by bkunes on 2018-12-01 05:45:33
12. Board Game: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game added by wombat929 on 2018-12-01 06:01:33
13. Board Game: Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game added by slimy_asparagus on 2018-12-01 07:54:00
14. Board Game: San Marco added by samsagace418 on 2018-12-01 09:28:17
15. Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill added by tiagoVIP on 2018-12-01 09:36:37
17. Board Game: Happy Pigs added by Gswp on 2018-12-01 11:05:57
18. Board Game: Sheriff of Nottingham added by incognitopsycho on 2018-12-01 12:04:03
19. Board Game: Mahé added by hippiephysicschick on 2018-12-01 12:34:44
20. Board Game: Bananagrams added by jeffwolfe on 2018-12-01 12:44:17
21. Board Game: Acquire added by aaj94 on 2018-12-01 15:20:19
22. Board Game: The Mystic Wood added by ryan_c_byrd on 2018-12-01 19:07:15
23. Board Game: Memoir '44 added by Ringworm on 2018-12-01 19:45:25
24. Board Game: M added by sroney on 2018-12-02 00:48:31
25. Board Game: Firefly: The Game added by GeminiWeb on 2018-12-02 23:21:56
26. Board Game: God's Playground added by Tigrillo on 2018-12-03 06:45:30
27. Board Game: Successors (third edition) added by TrimChris on 2018-12-03 09:35:22
28. Board Game: Suburbia added by Kaixo on 2018-12-03 19:37:35
29. Board Game: Fuldrigger added by CrazyCatman on 2018-12-05 05:58:59
30. Board Game: Labyrinth: The Card Game added by sa266 on 2018-12-06 07:40:54