Triumvirate V - Good Citizens
Matt Bowles
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Competition Details - what do you need to do

You will need to send a Geekmail to me with the following items for nomination.

Person Historical: You must nominate a "person" by name; animal, human, computer chess program - almost everything that has actually existed in history is permissible here. Having a proper name is really all you need, and maybe the ability to communicate somehow.

Person Fictional: You must nominate a being by name; animal, alien, cyborg, comic strip character - any characters, or sentient things from fiction are fine. Pretty much anything that was disqualified for 'Person Historical' is what you want here.

Person Evil: You must nominate a being by name; see above for details, but practically anyone past present or not real qualifies. However, this is your Evil Villain: The salt to your first two hero's coffee, the scum between their toes, the reason they joined forces to begin with.

Geekmail template
PH: <name>
PF: <name>
PE: <name>

Once you've submitted your Triumvirate, please subscribe to this GeekList so you get notified of updates.

If any nominated triumvirate is a perfect overlap with one already in the mix, I will contact the player who nominated second and ask them to make a change or two or three.[/floatleft]


Goal and prizes - why you need to do it

The aim of the triumvirate is to be voted as the best suited for a series of tasks which will be revealed as the game progresses through August.

After the first task has been voted on, the best groups will be ranked and paired for the next rounds to compete for the winner's prize.

The lowest scoring groups will be ranked and paired the next rounds to compete for the wooden spoon.

I will award 200GG to the eventual winner of the Good Citizen Triumvirate.
I will award 100GG to the eventual wooden spoon winner of the bottom bracket.


Timeline - when you need to be ready

Nominations by Geekmail should be sent in now.
The cutoff for nominating groups is August 16th at my discretion. Once the list is closed the first task will appear in item #1 on this Geeklist. The entered triumvirate nominations will be shown on item #2 to begin with. (EDIT: Unless of course, this makes things less visible for the voters .. *facepalm*)

Voting will be via a poll, each round will last 3-5 days (pending me getting busy). This is loose as I don't know how many entries will come in and how big the brackets need to be. Everything will wrap up, and the winning triumvirate will be announced in the first few days of September probably.

Items #1 and #2 will always be the latest bracket polls. Previous rounds will be pushed lower in the Geeklist but always visible, and the last item will always be a description of the teams and will be updated to show who's still competing. (EDIT: or NOT, see above 'EDIT')
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