A(nother) love letter to Dr Knizia
Martin G
United Kingdom
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So what's the deal Dr K? I played your top-100 games as I was getting into the hobby and I adored them. Tigris & Euphrates and Ra are two of my five perfect 10s and Taj Mahal is not far behind. Since I seemed to like your style, I looked a bit further down the list and found the games weren't getting any worse. But there were these nagging voices saying that you were past your peak, that you'd not done a 'proper' game since Amun-Re. And yet, in the last few months I tried Municipium and Beowulf: more recent games that have dropped off the radar down in the 600s. And they're wonderful too! So what is it about your games that jibes with me? I thought about it a bit and came up with a few ideas.
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