Win free copies of Krysis board game! AND WIN GG!
Zoltan Aczel
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The contest is over. Thank you for participating.
And the winners are:

1. Most original: was a harc choice so we also took other merits into consideration. We liked the post by
Željko Kumer
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the most.

2. Winner drawn:
Oliver Graf
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Help me! I got addicted to MtG again!
Help me! I got addicted to MtG again!

3. Most thumbs up:
Falko Sieverding
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. He also won 11.77 Geekgold!

You can pick up your copies in Essen at the Heidelberger booth.

And as we have previously stated, everyone who didn’t win now still has a chance . We draw the name of a geeklist contestant at 17 p.m. on 23rd October at the Heidelberger booth in Essen. The first player to look into the authors’ eye and claim they are the owner of the drawn nickname gets the prize.

We have also started another game where you can win Krysis – see it here.

See you in Essen and have fun!


Play and win one of the four copies of the fantasy-themed eurogame Krysis in Essen!

Tell us which three or more characters from the basic 18 cards (you can see them in the gallery of the game) bear the closest resemblance to the public people of our real world in economy crysis. So for example, which one is like
*a top speculator/stock-broker, or like
*an impostor,
*a busted executive (maybe of a Bank),
*a real estate speculator,
*a corrupt politician etc.
You may provide explanation or even a photo in case you think of an actual person. The similarity can be based on their looks, or the suspected behavior of the fantasy characters or whatever you think connects the fantasy illustrations to the real personalities.

(Edit: as there are some visibility problems with the previously uploaded pics - they can't be seen using Internet Explorer -please use the images uploaded later with the text (IE compatible version, please use this one in the contest.) )

Place your tips/votes/comments about at least 3 person/characters here in this geeklist (using some appropriate or intentionally inappropriate game for the entry) until 18th October. Don’t forget to also give a :thubsup: to this geeklist to let everyone know about this contest.

The entry (with 3 character comparisons) that gets the most thumbsup until midnight (USA Central time) on 19th October wins 10 geekgold and also any possible further GGs this geeklist receives.

4 signatured copies of Krysis will be given away to the winners in Essen Spiel 09 (at the Heidelberger booth) :

1. The harsh but unjust choice: the authors (like me) decide which entry is the most original and let you know their name here on 20th of October (so if you don’t come to Essen you still can ask a geekbuddy to pick up your copy there).
2. The unverifiable but just choice: we select a winner by a draw and let you know their name here on 20th of October.
3. The unjust but inspiring choice: the user whose entry got the most thumbsup here until midnight (USA Central time) on 19th October gets not only the GGs mentioned above but also a copy of Krysis, if you attend Essen!
4. The not too serious but just choice: we draw the name of a contestant at 17 p.m. on 23rd October at the Heidelberger booth in Essen. The first player to look into the authors’ eye and claim they are the owner of the drawn nickname gets the prize.

You may choose there if you want the English (Rio Grande) or the German (Heidelberger) version of the game.

Have fun!
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