Design Notes from Collins Epic Wargames
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First, this is an experimental list closed to public additions of GL items, but your comments are certainly welcome. It stems from suggestions that as a result of the recent (10/2009) change in the way BGG ranks Wargames, Small Publishers need to get more creative with how we expose our games to you guys (beyond advertising). I really appreciate your support of this list and if you feel it's a good concept/contribution, give it a thumbs up

Several wargame publishers larger than I (such as GMT, Columbia Games, and MMP) have very well done monthly GeekLists dedicated to tracking preorder trends and status, providing information about upcoming games, and more. I could go that route with my games, but, I currently only have a list of two P500 titles, so I feel it's not quite appropriate.

My purpose here is to add GeekList Item Comments that highlight different design challenges I've encountered with each of my games, how I am working through (or worked through) them, and why it was an issue worth discussing. I'll also use the list to update you on the current preorder status of each game we have on P500. Finally, some Comments will be dedicated to what I call "modified" session reports- reports from a playtest session.

I feel you can continue to design and improve a game well after release, for example implementing rules revisions that improve the game yet minimally impact components. You'll see a bit of post-production improvement in this list as well as I strive to improve the rules of my releases, give reasons for those changes, and give insight into how the mechanic or situation was improved.

I'm designing four games at the moment, all in various stages of completion- three WWII games and one Sci-Fi game (currently unnamed and not yet listed below). The list is ordered from the most recent game announced (top) to the oldest (bottom).

I welcome your comments and questions with each new addition to this list. To keep things organized, there will be one GL item per game (the Game itself is the item), and Comments will introduce new Design Notes for each of those games. General Design commentary that doesn't apply to a particular game will be handled on a separate item.

So I give you...

Design Notes from Collins Epic Wargames
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