Reiner Knizia's iPod Touch and iPhone games
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Whole lotta apps out there on the AppStore. It's not surprising to see Reiner Knizia sell some of his games there to get a piece of that big pie. The world would be a better place if it had more exposure to his games, if only in the more minor ways.

*If it says "UNIVERSAL APP", then it works for both Ipod Touch, Iphone, and is optimized for Ipad.
*Am aware of itunes links for all of these entries. Will try to get them in sometime.... just sometime. For those geeklist entries posted by others, they'll have to take charge of those when those apps come out.

With the whole situtaion.....

--A nice trend on games from the AppStore is many sell for mere dollars, which are also the going rates for his set of games to date.
--some have multiplayer options and hotseat modes.
--AI opponents available. There are many geeklists here about iPhone/IpT apps and sites pertaining to gaming, some even offering free solutions, but this doesn't mean anything to those with less than reliable coverages, and to those with iPod Touches who can't get wifi everywhere they go.
--they look nice enough, but still have small footprints (all of them are less than 10MB, assuming the figures given to me were accurate)

--none of his higher acclaimed games are available, such as Ra, Tigris & Euphrates, and Samurai (although these undoubtedly would be priced more accordingly, and thus more expensive)
--The prices are low, but there are those who would always appreciate a free demo, just to sample the waters to truly see if they'll like the way the game is implemented, as well as the game mechanisms itself. Even low prices can add up, as these do encourage people to buy more of them.
--It's been reported that the AI is weak for some games, Charlemagne in particular.

All prices are US and current as of their respective timestamps.

As of Feb. 3rd, 2011 Thurs., Keltis Oracle is at a reduced price at $2.99!

[size=18]PRICE DROP!
Tecocalli on sale for a limited time (since Feb. 8th 2011 Tues.)!!!
From $1.99 reduced to $0.99!
Mini-review by me below in it's geeklist item entry.
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