May 2010 Monthly Photo Contest!!!! Win GG!!!!!
Michael Basil
United States
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I love the wide rage of photography on BGG and this is your chance to show off your best.

This is the May 2010 Picture of the Month contest.

How to submit an image?
Just add a geeklist item, where it asks for a ImageID add the number of your photo there. Use [imageid=xxxxxx medium] in the body of the List Entry, where "xxxxxx" is the ImageID number, to show the image at a reasonable size as that helps people judge your image better, and make sure to remove the space. If you have questions please geekmail me and I will help.


1) You can only submit a single entry with only one image in it.

2) That image has to be one of your own. If you like Laura Foobar's picture of dogs playing Die Macher, ask her to submit it.

3) The image was uploaded during the month in question.

4) Images from your User Gallery are eligible, and images from any other Gallery.

5) Users may vote for (give a thumb up to) as many entries as they wish.

6) Winners will be declared when the next month's list goes up.

7) In case of a tie, the prize will be split equally among all the tied people.

8) I will randomly reorder this list so that the first-come first-thumbed effect is lessened.

9) There is a handicapping system so that those that win in the previous month find it harder to win the next month. This is linked to a Hall Of Fame and if you win enough times you'll be elevated to Grand Master Photographer and win the Hall of Fame microbadge mb. More info on handicaps is below.

10) Whatever tips this list receives will go towards additional 5 participation prizes awarded to those that tried but didn't place.

Three will be awarded:

First place: 50
Second place: 25
Third place: 10

PS- want to be involved in in photo contests throughout the year?
Make sure to subscribe to this thread.

PSS- Want to see all of the winners of previous years or just keep track of this one?
Make sure you subscribe to this GeekList.

PSSS- Make sure to give this list a thumbs-up so that we can keep this list on the front page as long as possible!

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