Lord of the Rings: Combo Compendium
Sebastian Barth
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Hello fellow Ring Bearers,

this GeekList is meant to compile Combos and Combo ideas to add that final punch to your fellowship. I will start this list with the ideas I have in mind, and will add/remove/edit the Combos based on comments and other threads (Note: Many of the Combos have already been mentioned somewhere else, so I hereby don't claim, that I have invented them or some sort).

I will edit this list as I go, so don't worry, if it looks rather empty at first.

And I also want to give a semi-objective Combo Rating, in order to visualize the relative strength of the Combo, here is what I have in mind:

: A 5star Combo has some permanent effect and is able to convert a game where you would probably lose into a game where you probably win.
A good example for a 5 star Combo would be Beravor + Unexpected Courage. This has a very powerful permanent effect.

: A 4star Combo is a Combo that either has a permanent effect, that turns a losing game in to a roughly equal game or a roughly equal game into a probably won game. Or it is a temporarily effect, that converts the current turn from a bad bad situation into a very good situation (like: instead of losing a hero and gaining 4 threat points, you killed 2 monsters and could place some progress on the quest).
Gloin + constant healing is a good example for a Combo with a permanent effect, that is strong, but not as ridiculous as a 5 star Combo.
This is a good example for the second definition as it completely upsets single turns usually: Gandalf + Sneak Attack

: A 3star Combo has the power to shift a single turn to your favor, like from bad turn to equal or from equal to good turn.
A good example for that would be Sneak Attack + Beorn. Not as flexible as Gandalf, but still powerful for a single effect.

: A 2star Combo is just a good mechanic, that gives you some minor beneficial effect or just runs smoothly. Nothing game changing.
Good examples for this kind of Combo would be Gimli + Citadel Plate or Aragorn + Theodred

: And finally a 1star Combo is mainly for the lulz. It will be only useful in some rarer occasions and might just be cute to have.
Eg: Eleanor + Strength of Will or Gandalf's Search + Will of the West

Ok, lets gets this started:
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