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Ryan Sturm
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Hello BGGers.

For those unfamiliar with "How to Play" let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Sturm and on my audio podcast I teach people to play boardgames I have completed nearly 30 game explanations with each explanation coming with its own Teaching Guide. We also have two videos now as well.

Check out all of the available "How to Play" Resources from this Geeklist

The purpose of this Geeklist is for "How To Play" listeners to be able to nominate and vote for games that they feel would make good candidates for a future episode on "How to Play."

I have had a request thread on our guild for the longest time, but over the last two years it has gotten very messy and this list is intended to replace that thread. If you suggested games on that thread or voted for games please duplicate those nominations and votes on this list.

I will use this geeklist to help me choose episodes over the next year. Feel free to add your own suggestions and thumb as many games as you are interested in. If I get a game with a bunch of thumbs, that game will most likely be inserted into the queue for an upcoming episode. Do not repeat games on the list and do not suggest games that have been already covered on How to Play.

Plus feel free to comment on why or why not particular games should or should not be the next episode on the show.

Be aware:
-How to Play is generally directed towards Strategy/Eurostyle games. (War games/Party Games/ Coop games/Mini games / Kids Games will probably not be chosen)
-Games that will be chosen from this list of must have some amount of popular support.
-I have no strict production guidelines for how often episodes will come out.
-I reserve final right to choose which games and in what order games are featured on the How to Play podcast. (If I don't like the game, it's very unlikely to appear on the show)
How to Play is fully funded, HORRAY! The people have spoken, they want more How to Play!

It’s time to determine this “seasons” schedule from July to December.

Here is what is coming up

Episode #40 forward – I will be really looking at this list as well as the supporter survey to make decisions.

I spent a long time going through the list to come up with the contenders. I also deleted several items either for lack of support or lack of interest from me to cover that game. I will be deleting more of the items if they do not receive at least 30 thumbs by 3/1/2013. So go vote on the games on the list. (List culled 9/5/2012)

I also feel free to put any feedback for upcoming episodes on this thread.

Thank you so much everyone and I look to the second season of The How to Play Podcast in 2012.


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