Redesigns and Me - A Short History
Kwanchai Moriya
United States
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I wanted to put this list together to collect all the redesigns and art things I've completed together in one place. But moreover, I thought it'd be fun to recount all my little side projects in chronological order; see how it all evolved.

I'm an artist; in an amateur capacity since I was, maybe, 9, and more professionally in recent years. I think one of the reasons I enjoy board games so much is that, to me, they are a wonderful marriage of art and function. I really enjoy art that has a function; especially art that you can "play" with. In other words, in a board game you are literally interacting with the artwork itself: placing a card in front of you, moving a piece around a board, etc. It doesn't merely sit on a wall to be enjoyed. The illustrations are often vital to convey the gameplay and theme. Great illustrations can make you want to play a game more. I know they do for me.

In any case, when I discovered this so-called thing called "Print-and-Play" here on BGG, I was super excited. What? Make the game yourself? The idea of assembling your own games, or customizations for your games, was really intriguing to me. Furthermore, as a newbie digging around on BGG for the first time several years ago, I discovered the "out-of-print" game. Something about a well-rated out-of-print game makes my mouth water; the more elusive and out-of-print, the better.

So when I saw some of the first redesign projects get going here on BGG several years ago, my jaw dropped. Don’t like the art? Just make your own! I think the first redesign I saw here was Karim Chakroun’s Bohnanza redesign. It's ridiculous. I was also really inspired by Mike Doyle's redesigns. The idea of taking a game and just redesigning it from the ground up is an exciting challenge. Often it's not just the artwork that is revamped, it could include theme, text, symbols, etc., anything to make the game "better," in the eyes of the redesigner.

For me, I started doing redesigns out of a simple desire to play an out-of-print game. I thought, 'Well, no one’s making it anymore, and I can kinda draw, so let me try this out.'
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