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Created On: 2012-03-30 07:42:16
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Guns, Dice, Butter is a podcast of a series of conversations with members of the wargaming tribe.

As of March 28, 2016: 50 guests have appeared on the show, 69 hours of content, 25 episodes, about 80,000k downloads (73k direct) and 8,ooo regular listeners.

Episode I: March 29, 2012: Mark Herman/Jim Doughan

Episode II: April 1, 2012: Ed Wimble/Bob Heinzmann

Episode III: April 24, 2012: Amer Rev War Panel (Herman, Wimble, Mulholland)/Jeff Paull

Episode IV: May 11, 2012: Victory Games' Vietnam and Shenandoah Studio (Nick Karp/Nels Thompson)

Episode V: May 25, 2012: Empires in Arms/World in Flames/Australian Design Group (Harry Rowland/Team Flip Attack)

Episode VI: July 19, 2012: World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) preview (Kaarin and Stuart Tucker). Panel discussion with Marty and Enrico regarding 2011 and 2012 wargames.

Episode VII: August 31, 2012: WBC 2012 Recap (Kaarin). Jim Doughan (WBC 2012 & Virgin Queen). John Alsen (Game Development, Monstercon 2012, Amateurs to Arms). Kevin McPartland (Amateurs to Arms: War of 1812).

Episode VIII: September 18, 2012: Panel discussion (Enrico, Marty, Nels) regarding wargames in the pipeline. Scott de Brestian, designer of Kingdom of Heaven.

Episode IX: November 18, 2012: Conversation with game designer Richard Berg...great stories.

Episode X: Dec 7, 2012: Conversation with Mercury Games and insurgencies and wargames panel discussion with Mark Herman, Brian Train and Volko Ruhnke

Episode XI: Jan 8, 2013: Conversation with Fred Schachter, designer of Siege of Jerusalem. Conversation with Enrico Viglino (game reviewer {video BGG} extraordinaire) regarding wargames covering the ancients period: Rome and Greece.

Episode XII: Jan 16, 2013: Conversation with Jim Dunnigan, a co-founder of modern wargaming and SPI.

Episode XIII: Jan 30, 2013: Conversation with Don Greenwood, holder of the wargaming torch, and Nels Thompson, friend of the show.

Episode XiV: June 6, 2013: Conversation with Shenandoah Studio (Eric Lee Smith and Brad Cummings) and a survey of WW2 Tactical wargames (Dan Dolan Sr and JR Tracy)

Episode XV: June 14, 2013: Conversation with Al Nofi (SPI and Imperium Romanum) and John Alsen (Consimworld Expo 2013 and War of the Suns)

Episode XVI: July 31, 2013 (Hayakawa/Staniend: their new entry into wargaming & Herman/Train/Ruhnke regarding games/media of the Third World War)

Episode XVII: SEP 11, 2013 (Herman, Wimble, Beach, Smith American Civil War)

Episode XVIII: JAN 13, 2014 (Rowland: ADG, EiA, WiF, Tracy/Doughan wargames 2013)

Episode XIX: APR 4, 2014 (Hull {Musket & Pike series, Fields of Fire and Won by the Sword preview} and Lt Jason & Gordo regarding 1st MN Historical Wargaming Society and expanding the hobby)

Episode XX: APR 16, 2014 Eklund (High Frontier, PAX + 28 other HIGH STORY games), panel on War by Other Means (Doughan, Herman & Train) and Train (New game on Ukrainian Crisis)

Episode XXI: June 17, 2014: Greenwood (WBC 2014), Raicer (Paths of Glory, Dark Valley, Drive on Moscow and his pipeline), Alsen (Consimworld Expo 2014 AAR)

Episode XXII: July 4, 2014: Balkoski (SPI, AH, VG, The Vietnam War, Great Battles of the American Civil War, Atlantic Wall, etc), Karp (Shenandoah Studio pipeline, Desert Fox), Herman/Enrico/Marty panel on "perspective", Vasta (Unconditional Surrender)

Episode XXIII: FEB 17, 2015: Baer (WBC stories), Butterfield (SPI, VG, Ambush, Hell's Highway, Freedom of the Galaxy, RAF, D-Day Omaha Beach), Collars (Greenville Mafia, WBC the Boardgame), Albright/Herman/Dr panel on "supply & logistics in wargames", Hayakawa & Stanienda (Red Winter, Tonkin, Gameon.con, the ASL room (eegads!), entering the hobby from non traditional avenues, Ancients games, Poniske designs)

Episode XXIV: NOV 5, 2015: Guns returns! Berg & Herman. GaGa (top 50 games of last 10 years, as measured by lust & fanboy factors) panel: Marty Sample, John Alsen and Wendell Albright

Episode XXV: Easter 2016 (MAR 27): Esteemed historian Adrian Goldsworthy, game designer extraordinaire Mark Herman and Fran Diaz (Polis).

More Information Edit | History
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