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Created On: 2012-04-12 19:52:33
Members: 6791
  • Albert Hernandez
    United States
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    The show on solitaire boardgaming.
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Description Edit | History
Welcome to a guild about solitaire boardgaming. The guild started as a place for fans of the 1 Player Podcast, but quickly became a guild for anybody interested in solo games, whether or not they listen to the podcast. Folks discuss recommendations, trades, ideas and just about anything solitaire related. Come in and make yourself at home.

If you are new to the idea of solitaire boardgames and are curious about the subject, here's a great summary: Why do some people play solitaire board games?

Finally, here's a word of welcome and friendly reminder: A Friendly Word for New Members of the Guild!

Solitaire Games on Your Table is a series of monthly geek lists in which anybody can participate. It's a great resource for learning about new or popular games:

Solitaire New To You

As the SGOYT geeklist grows, it can become overwhelming to sift through to find something that appeals. These lists, by design, are concise and highlight the personal favorites of the previous month.

Solitaire New To You A Year Ago

A place to look back to new games from a year ago and see how they've held up.

Here are a few links to buy, sell, trade, and gift games within the 1 Player community! Also a link to hot deals from retailers spied by guild members!

Solo Gaming Awards including:

  • BGG Golden Geek Award - Best Solo Game
  • 1 Player Guild Gaming Awards
  • 1 Player Guild Hall of Fame (Games, Designers & BGG Users)
  • The People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games (2016 Results: 2016 People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games (+))

Solitaire Videos

This page is a wiki. Anyone is welcome to make improvements.
Discussion thread for Description wiki
More Information Edit | History

Solitaire microbadges.
mb - I love solo gaming!
mb - The 1 Player guild's official microbadge
mb - Solitaire gamer - "Rolling for one"
mb - Solitaire Gamer
mb - Solitaire Wargamer
mb - Solitaire Games on Your Table
mb - Gaming is best solo
mb - I'm my own worst enemy, I play multiplayer games solo.
mb - SoloCon attendee

mb - Sentinels of the Multiverse monthly challenge participant
mb - Sentinels of the Multiverse monthly challenge winner

mb - 1 Player Podcast
mb - Box of Delights video playthroughs
mb - Low Player Count Podcast

mb - Challenge accepted.
mbmbmb - Challenge Set 1
mbmbmb - Challenge Set 2

There are a few others related to specific games. Search for "solo" or "solitaire".

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