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Created On: 2013-01-16 08:01:29
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A group of gamers from all over the world who gather on a regular basis for live play of games using voice chat using virtual board systems such as Vassal, Board Game Arena, Yucata, and other live play systems.

We've had dozens of people sign up just in our first week or so, and have new members joining up all the time - c'mon in, play a game and have a chat with other gamers from across the globe! To see our current member/player list, click here.

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What you'll need to play:

  • A microphone (though a headset is recommended, it doesn't have to be a full headset, you can pick up a mic for a few dollars)
  • A live-play gaming system or web site such as:

The VASSAL game engine
Battlegrounds Gaming Engine (aka BGE) (non-free, Win/Mac only)
ZunTzu (Windows only)

  • Voice chat software such as Skype or Mumble (use something cross platform so more people can connect!)
  • A couple of free hours to play against people from around the world!

Is there a game scheduled but you're not sure what time it will be where you are?
Try the time zone converter:

Also note: if you want to be notified of new game postings, remember to hit "Subscribe," either in the upper right of the main guild page to be notified of all updates, or at least to the "Off Topic" forum if you only want new game postings!


Wondering if someone is looking for a game *RIGHT NOW*? Check and see if anyone is hanging out in the VGG Chat Room!


Games Played This Month

(Holding updates until activity picks back up)

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