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Created On: 2008-01-18 15:09:16
Members: 39
  • Addr1: Glasgow or Lynedoch Street
  • Addr2: or Devonshire Terrace
  • City: Glasgow
  • State/Province: From Mildy Irate To Overtly Analytical
  • Country: Scotland
  • Postal Code: Various
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Who Are We?

We are a boardgaming group who meet every wednesday in the west end of Glasgow, we are a compact and bijioux group of around 16 members. We occassionally meet on sundays for meatier sessions with the wednesday following a fairly similar routine. 20 minutes chat, 15 minutes playing a quick game amongst the 5 who turned up first, that game being abandoned promptly. Some discussion about how best to split the group in order to accommodate 2 x 4-6 player games. With evening being rounded off with some light card games and more chatting.

What Do We Play?

A Full list of all the available games is shown under the guild collection whilst you will find a link below to the games we are likely to be playing in the future.

How Do You Get Involved?

Contact Us Through The Guild or Via our Website

Drop us an email - - specifying the flavour of involvement desired.

Three Tasty Options Exist: Full BadChat Package - all the standard benefits plus an hourly dose of dribble on something utterly innocuous. Games Package - not quite as much spam but sufficient volumes of game related chat as to keep you suitably distracted for hours. Standard Package - weekly events notices and little else. All memberships are based upon an annual subscription, the value of your investment may go up as well as down, upgrades are available at the committees discretion

Buy our Group merchandise at Our Shop

What Can You Expect?

Overuse of the phrases Shuck, Clear Leader, This Game is Skewed Against Anyone Starting in Fourth Position and Noone Told Me About That Victory Condition

Huge Quantities of Salty Snacks and an abundance of Fizzy Sweeties

Occassional Smack Talk (I should point out that by Occassional I actually mean Regular)

Longer Sessions On Sundays with Home Made Soup

Monthly Awards

Each Month Two Players are singled out for special recognition - One for contributing significantly to the strategic output of the Group by securing the highest points average over all weekly games, the other for contributing significantly to our enjoyment by being utterly appalling. The Awards began in September 08 ....

Hall of Fame - The Gods of Strategy and Jedi Mind Tricks

September 2008 - Ian Smith

October 2008 - Nick Pitman

November 2008 - Stuart Winchester

December 2008 - David Grier

January 2009 - Andy Hynes

February 2009 - John Robertson

March 2009 - Stuart Winchester

April 2009 - Scott Mackenzie

May 2009 - Nick Pitman (Train Games - Nick / Non Train Games - Andy)

Hall of Shame - The God's of Misinterpretation and Miscalculation

September 2008 - Andy Hynes

October 2008 - Ian Smith

November 2008 - David Grier

December 2008 - Ivan Hanley

January 2009 - Stuart Winchester

February 2009 - Stuart Winchester

March 2009 - Christina Schehle

April 2009 - Stuart Winchester

May 2009 - John Robertson

Annual Champions

Over and above recording Monthly Winners, we run an annual total for the best players of the year. The Champions and Current Leaders are ...

2008 - Gold Medal - Nick Pitman
2008 - Silver Medal - Ian Smith
2008 - Bronze Medal - David Grier

2009 - Gold Position - Ian Smith
2009 - Silver Position - Nick Pitman
2009 - Bronze Position - Andy Hynes

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