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Created On: 2009-01-19 06:31:31
Members: 8
  • Addr1:
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  • City: Utrecht
  • State/Province: Utrecht
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Postal Code: 3584
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Description Edit | History

BG3 stands for Board-Game-Geek-Group and it's a gaming group that consists of friends that all like to play games. Slowly the group is expanding, so a guild could come in handy!

The group consists of people from the Netherlands, most people come from Utrecht (right in the middle) and some come from Eindhoven (down south). So games will be played in Utrecht or Eindhoven depending on who participates.

Phreakyhamster is the stats-nerd, so he gathers all information of the gamers and puts them in Excel to make weird graphs and stuff.

More Information Edit | History

Gameshops nearby:

Spellenwinckel in Amersfoort: Great collection of boardgames, and a great owner who is lyrical about his games!

NeverNeverLand in Utrecht: Good collection of boardgames, also rpg and a lot of puzzles. Includes webshop.

Joker in Utrecht: Buys and sells secondhand boardgames, also new games.

H.D. van der Meijden in Utrecht: Small but oldest gameshop from Holland (1872); expensive and not much!

Jolie in Eindhoven: Shop known for bridge and other cardgames, but has a lot of boardgames and know-how!

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