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3, The Savage Nor’Easter
The Editor speaks! Find out where I’m coming from and why I decided to create a Savage Worlds fanzine.
4, Smilin’ Jack Speaks
Shane has agreed to join us for this premier issue of Shark Bytes. Find out how Savage Worlds evolved into the Fast! Furious! Fun! game we love.
6, My kingdom for an adventure card!
Your friendly Editor presents a brief overview of the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, while Daniel Wood and Lee Reynoldson serve up some new Adventure Cards just for you!
7, The Magic Fish
A Magical Medley, an underground “classic” full of magic items, gets a Savage update in the first of a two part article.
9, Savage Dot Com
A guide to the best websites dedicated to Savage Worlds.
10, Feeding Frenzy
Clint Black, the Savage Rules Meister, answers your rules questions as only he can.
12, Blood in the Water
House rules—the chance to personalize a game and call it our own—are the lifeblood of any RPG. In this issue, you get a look at the rules your Editor likes to use.
14, We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat
You can never have enough equipment. At least that’s what my players seem to think, and so do the guys that submitted the items for this issue.
15, What to do with a drunken sailor…
Carousing can be a major part of any 50 Fathoms campaign. In this issue, David Goecke details a system that allows you to determine what happens when you botch that Drinking roll!
17, OK, how bad is my character hurt?
In this article, Matthew Mather, the Chief Savage Yahoo and Maintainer of the Savage FAQ, discusses the Savage Worlds damage system—so you can understand it.
18, A Hierarchy of Villainy
A simple system for quickly defining those hordes of faceless Extras!
19, The Man of Bronze
A classic pulp tale featuring the greatest pulp hero of them all! The Man of Bronze is a serialization of an original story by Kenneth Robeson, originally published in 1933!
26, Just give me one of each!
Another 50 Fathoms article from David—this time, he presents a method of determining your specialty crewmembers.
27, Bucket o' Chum
Every GM needs NPCs. Problem is, inspiration doesn’t always strike when you need it.
29, Asteroid Zero-4
William Reger presents a Savage tale set in the deeps of space. You’re an ordinary miner charged with an extraordinary task—save the earth!!
33, Professional Edges
Some words of wisdom from Shane and Clint Black on the creation and implementation of Professional Edges. This article has some great advice—pay attention!
34, It’s a paranormal world after all…
Ed Wetterman, of 12 to Midnight, Inc., and the Savage Rules Meister, Clint Black, submitted this system for handling psychic powers in a Savage horror setting. When Ed talks horror, you’d better listen, and anything Clint’s involved with is worth a look! This is the first in a two-part series. Look for more stuff from these guys in future issues!
38, The Cradle Campaign
The Cradle Campaign is an officially authorized savaging of the setting for Innana’s Kiss, from 12 to Midnight.
44, Now Hear This!
In this issue, I review Innana’s Kiss from 12 to Midnight, 100 Adventure Seeds from Postmortem Studios, and the Savage Worlds version of the Metacreator software from AlterEgo.
47, The Ones That Got Away
Butch Curry, author of the unofficial Savage Worlds “monster manual”—Savage Beasts, continues the trend and “Savages” some beasties from the Giants of Legend D&D™ figure line!
50, Hook, Line, and Sinker
This regular column kicks off with 25 OGL fantasy adventure seeds from Expeditious Retreat Press’ Fantasy Seeds preview from RPGNow.
53, I’d buy that for a dollar!
Who wants to deal with keeping track of every penny your characters have? In this article I present a fast, furious, and fun way of handling wealth in your Savage Worlds games.
55, Roll Call
Meet the contributors to Shark Bytes #1. You didn’t think this stuff wrote itself, did you?

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Pg. 3
The Savage Nor'easter

The Birth of a Fanzine. Find out where I\'m coming from and why I decided to create a Savage Worlds fanzine.

Pg. 4
Smilin's Jack Speaks

Getting Savage-the genesis of Savage Worlds, according to Shane Hensley.

Pg. 6
My Kingdom for an adventure card!

What is the Adventure Deck? How do I use it? Where do I get more cards?

Pg. 7
The Magic Fish

Updating a Magical Medley, Part One
Arrow of Slaying
Boots of Speed
Bracers of Defense
Bracelet of Luck
Cloak of

Pg. 9
Savage Dot Com

The best, of the best, of the best...with honors, sir! A list of Savage Worlds related web sites.

Pg. 10
Feeding Frenzy

The Rules Meister fields your queries regarding the Savage Worlds rules.

Pg. 12
Blood in the Water

JB\'s collection of House Rules, Part One.

Pg. 14
We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Because everyone needs another interesting piece of equipment!
Rifle Scopes
Concussion Grenades

Pg. 15
What to do with a drunken sailor...

Determining exactly what happens when you botch that drinking roll.

Pg. 17
OK, How bad is my character hurt?

Breaking down the Savage Worlds damage system for all to understand.

Pg. 19
The Man of Bronze

A complete book length novel of the exploits of Doc Savage and his five companions; a thrilling saga of a scrappy

Pg. 26
Just gie me one of each!

Spicing up the composition of your 50 Fathoms crew. A crew generator.

Pg. 27
Bucket o' Chum

An endless source of ready-made NPCs for your Savage Worlds games!
Mountain Dwarf Skirmisher
Zombie Hunter

Pg. 29
Asteroid Zero-4

A Savage tale of adventure set in the depths of space.

Pg. 33
Professional Edges

An article describing how you don\'t need to create new edges to represent character archtypes. 99.9% of the time

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Issue: Shark Bytes (Vol. 1, Issue 1 - Aug 2004)
PDF version
Year: 2004
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
58 pages
Size: Letter
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