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•Industry News
•Work in Progress - Mort
•Role Players Library
•The Net
•Soldiers of Fortune
•The Gathering


•Magic the Gathering - Part One of an unofficial listing of Magic the Gargering cards. The Month the Unlimited set.
•On the Anti-Libertarian Nature of Cthulhu Worship - an anarchist speaks out on theories of Cthulhu Worship. Is it mere ramplings of a disorganised mind, or could there be some truth behind it? by AC Petyt
•The Damnation Chain - Jonathan Rowe presents the first part of a scenario for Metropolis' Kult based upon the successful Clive Barker film serires Hellraiser.
•The Dark Side of the Game - Iain Haxton proves that bad guys can have all the fun and gives us a few pointers to round out characters and show their seedier side.
•Operation Phoenix - A new fighter type is about to be unveiled. Can the players steal or destroy it before the empire takes an interest?For West end Games' Star Wars by Stuart Watkins
•Slavers Revisited - Stig brings intrigue and paranoia down at Waterdeep's docks and a new lease of life to some old TSR tournament modules. For AD&D 2nd Ed


•Barsaive (Earthdawn)
•Clanbook Termere (Vampire)
•Fallen Angels (Kult)
•Sabbat Handbook (Vampire)
•Ref. Coalition Equip. Guide (Traveller TNE)
•Primitive Screwheads (Cyberpunk)
•King of Chicago (Cthulhu)
•Land of the Free (Cyberpunk)
•CC Dungeons (Accessory)
•Karme sourcebook (SLA Industries)
•Sea Law (Rolemaster)
•Europa Incident (Mekton)
•Werewolf 2nd Edition (RPG)
•Digital Web (Mage)
•Nephilim (RPG)
•GURPS Vampire Companion (GURPS)
•Raflan (Ker-Merin)
•Prime Directive (RPG)
•Caerns: Places of Power (Werewolf)

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Issue 1
Year: 1994
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
62 pages
Size: A4
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Num Ratings 250
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