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This month they review Fanzines including:
Fat Knife by Steve Blincoe a general Fanzine that has a bit of everything
Wobbly, Wobbly Fish Bang, Up Left, Two Three by Tom Lynton and Piran Montford a humour book
The Team Up (Fat Knife, Dig my Dogma & Pink Elephant) by Steve Blincoe, Mark Wlisher and Andrew Bonwick has a bit of everything including a Call of Cthulhu scenario
Intellect Devourer by Dave Hughes a glossy Fanzine with coverage of W40K, Paranoia, CoC, Judge Dredd and Runequest
Ultimatum by Tom Lynton a pure games Fanzine
Games Gazette by Chris Baylis another pure games Fanzine
The Nugget: Journal of Wargaming Developments by Bob Cordery as per the title