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This Isn't The Zine You're Looking For #238
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Natter (Joanna Russ contributions); Techie Toys (e-readers); Convention Plans; Signing Up For Origins (selecting games and scheduling things to do at conventions); Comments on A&E #428; Igthoughts (comments on Ignorable Theme contributions (What makes a character Sympathetic)); Current IgTheme: Henchpersons (includes examples of henchmen for various characters in various RPGs mentioned in session reports in A&E); DREAMATION WRITE UPS: Fiasco: The Golden Panda (session report); FATE: Fading Light (Lovecraftian hooror Fate session report); Venetian Tragedy (session report using a variant of Matthijs Hjolter's Archipelago); Trail of Cthulhu: The Big Hoodoo (session report); Scion of Vulcan, part one (game notes).