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Mix Natter And Anti-Natter: On Holiday, The Three of Us, Myself, My Wife and the Google AI, Reykjavik I, Saga Museum I, Reykjavik II, Gull, Reykjavik III, Blue Lagoon, The Road to Egilsstadir, Arctic Circle Almost, On to the Western Fjords, Snæfellness, Longest Monday Ever (vacation article); San Francisco and WorldCon (convention report); Game (Viking Games notes); Unadulterated One Hundred Percent Organic Natter; Regardance (Books reviews of Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, and History of Iceland, From the Settlement to the Present Day written by
Jón Hjálmarsson. Reviews of Star Trek Discovery and Black Mirror TV series); Sum Comments (Comments on A&E: Includes explanation for the Jargon Zen title); Jargon Zen.