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Wonders of the Land of Fate
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The AD&D AL-QADIM setting has flying carpets, efreeti bottles, and much, much more! Magical items of the AL-QADIM AD&D campaign setting. Cutlass of the Golden Gulf; Dagger of Quickness; Dagger of the Evil Eye; Dagger of Venom; Mace +1, +2 vs Undead; Mace +2, +4 vs Undead; Mamluk Swords of Obedience +1 and +2; Scimitar of Speed; Sword +1, +2 vs Genies; Sword +2, +3 vs specific genie type; Sword +2 Genie Slayer; Weapon of Concealed Wizardry; Armor of the Desert Evening; Armor of Swimming; Shield of the Holy; Shields of Proof Against Fire, Cold, or Electricity; Tortoise Shield; Armor of Concealed Wizardry; Potion of Dreaming; Oil of Attractiveness; Oil of Cloaking; Oil of Great Devotion; Oil of Horridness; Oil of Invisibility; Oil of Invulnerability; Oil of Obedience; Oil of Romance; Oil of the Pickpocket; Philter of Drunkenness; Scroll of Protection from Air; Scroll of Protection from Divination; Scroll of Protection from Earth; Scroll of Protection Against Genies; Scroll of Protection from Heat; Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes; Ring of Cloaked Wizardry; Ring of Folly; Ring of Genie Summoning; Message Ring; Ring of Sustenance; Ring of the Vizier; Rod of Leadership; Staff of Devotion; Staff of Flames; Staff of the Sands; Staff of the Sea; Staff of the Winds; Aba of the Desert; Aba of Displacement; Aba of Protection; Caftan of Protection; Carpet of Fighting; Genie Prisons; Item of Cloaked Wizardry; Jellaba of Concealment; Jellaba of Eyes; Phylactery of Bravery; Slippers of Dancing; Slippers of Soft Movement; Telescope of Fantastic Vision; Telescope of True Vision.