Dwarven Magic

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\'\'\'User Summary\'\'\' Although a Free People, the Dwarves of Middle-earth have a distinctly dark and unpleasant side to their nature. Small and stunted in body as well as spirit, they are “stone-hard,” grim and quick to resentment, dangerous if displeased, materialistic and possessive, unforgiving and unforgetttng, secretive and calculating, and usually insensitive and uncaring for any but their own (Sil 42, 103, 132; HoMe XII: 327; cf HoMe IV: 174; HoMe 1:236; Letters: 207; Hob: 204). Because the magic of a race ultimately reflects its nature, this unique side of Dwarven nature provides the basis for the unique characteristics of Dwarven spells and spell-casters of Middle-earth.