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Issue: From the Shroud (#2 - Jun 2019)
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75 pages
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From publisher blurb:

The second issue of an irregular ‘zine for Crypts and Things, with content compatible with other Old School games based on 1st or Original editions.

This small tome contains the following fragments of fear to bring your games to life.

Emerging from the mists this issue:
All Hail the Death Riders. Face death from above with these flying undead warriors, a new monster for the game.
My Dirty Little Secret. A quick table of dark secrets that player characters can have, and probably wish they hadn’t, at character generation.
Prince Ronas. A demonic Prince of an Other World, fit to become the characters’ latest Nemesis.
The Pie Makers of Peoplolis. An adventure location in the Zarth’s City of Beggars (although they may have a franchise near you).
A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the Ruins. An encounter table of weird and wonderful non-player characters to liven up otherwise dull and humdrum journeys.
The Place of Dark Hooks. The old lair of a foul Court Torturer, whose riches and secrets are said to lie in its depths. A full Crypts and Things mini-module, usable with any OSR game, or even 5th Edition with minor changes.
The Weird and Warped. A selection of ten Others, demonic monsters who live in the Should and who can be either summoned to Zarth or encountered in their lairs.

A Love Like Blood. How having a lover affects the character in the fine tradition of Swords
and Sorcery romances.

Varna’s Travelling Caravan. Neil Shaw details this group of travelling merchants who deal with the mysterious and harbour a dark secret.

Lost Locations. Ten strange and malignant l cations within the Shroud for your
adventurers to find treasure and terror in.