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Publisher: TSR
Year: 1995
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: R2
35 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

A Three-Round RPGA Network Tournament


From the introduction:

When you returned without the Seer Ashmenth, the Law Mages were very upset. They lectured you for over an hour on how you had failed and how coming destruction was all your fault. Typical.

After enduring more slights to your characters and honor than you could bear, one of them said that he had had a dream that might yet provide the salvation of the world. If only he had spoken up much sooner, your tempers would have been in a better state to hear what he had to say.

This mage claimed that he saw a great hand of darkness reaching out and smashing the temples of the gods of Kammirith. Then it picked up the artifacts of the gods and withdrew into the void. As soon as an artifact was pulled in, the world became a little darker. When they were all gone, the world went dark. That was when the mage woke up.

At this, Livgren, the Arch-Mage, turned to you and said, “It looks like you have one last chance to save the world. Go and retrieve the artifacts of the gods from the City of Temples and bring them here. If you find word of the Seer, do what you can to make up for your bungling and rescue her. Now begone, there isn't much time left.”

The journey from the Citadel of the Salek-Hari has been long, yet thankfully peaceful. You arrived at the City of Temples late last night and after several fruitless attempts, finally found an inn with a vacant room. Only one though, and extremely small and cramped. Even late at night it was apparent that the city was extremely overcrowded. It is the morning of the 50th Day of Fire, three days before the rising of the Blood Moon, and the city awaits you.

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