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Publisher: Basic Action Games
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: F1
18 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

This adventure module was written for a party of Experienced (20 Character Point) to Proven (25 Character Point) Heroes and is compatible with BASH! Fantasy: Legends of Steel. While it was written with a Sword & Sorcery setting in mind, you can easily insert it intoo a High Fantasy or other genre to suit your needs (so you can combine it with a campaign using the Grimoire, Magic Items Folio, and Codex of Fantasy Folk).

The adventure also incldues six pregenerated Heroes to use.

It has been three days now that you accepted the job. The high lord of Mantia offered you a king’s ransom for the return of his son, Kalob, who had ventured out on a foolhardy quest. Kalob had gone in search of the Scepter of the Serpent Queen, an object of great magical power. Crossing dangerous jungles and deserts, he planned to seek the artifact in the great Pyramid of Es-Revni, which itself had been only rumored to exist.

Following the chart given to you by the man who sold the lordling the map, you have found signs of his presence in the jungle, and continue to follow. Though the high lord hired you to return his son to him alive, he also offered a greater prize if you can return with the Scepter as well.

The scepter is a dangerous and powerful magical artifact. The Heroes will have to brave a dangerous wilderness before they can find the lost pyramid and plunge its depths. And that is only the beginning of the danger that awaits. Our Heroes may find their way to the pyramid of Es-Revni... but will they find their way out?

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