100 Sci-Fi Foods (2019)

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RPG Item: 100 Sci-Fi Foods
PDF Version
Publisher: Azukail Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: AGT0099
18 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

Even in a world where beams of focused particles have replaced good old-fashioned lead in the theater of war, and ion drives propel massive star ships out into the deep black, people still have to eat. From star port dives, to high-end restaurants and everywhere in between, this collection has all sorts of dishes, snacks, sides and desserts to add just a little flavor to your world. There are even a few substances that can enhance your performance, or widen your perceptions, making them sought after commodities in a variety of markets.

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Here are some sample results:

Snack Bulbs: For those who want a little more fresh air and food during runs through the deep black, snack bulbs are an ideal solution. Kept in small, garden patches that can be anchored to a wall plate, these miniature trees mature in mere days, providing berry-sized fruits that are an ideal supplement for pre-packaged powders and vacuum-sealed preservatives. These long boxes are often incorporated into a home or ship's waste disposal system as well, turning unwanted, processed refuse into fresh fertilizer that can be put to a greater use.

Night Gourds: Raised on the dark side of Clarion Secundus, these pale plants are run through with midnight blue veins that throb with warmth before the gourds themselves are plucked. The gourd's flesh is bitter to the taste, and it tends to sicken those who eat more than a mouthful, but the juice within is a completely different matter. Thick and viscous, it looks like oil, tastes like melted cream and it is highly sought after. When drunk, this juice induces a deep, trance-like state that's often accompanied by strange visions. Used in small quantities, it eases sleep, and helps someone cope with night terrors. If one drinks too often, though, it can quickly become a crutch rather than a boon.

Wide-Eye: Low-grade stimulants are a necessity for those who need to get up early for a fresh shift, or who pull double duties in fringe stations When someone needs to stay wired for a few extra hours, a little bottle of this milky liquid will usually get the job done. Downed like a sugary shot, it tastes like children's medicine, but when black roast won't cut it Wide-Eye will see you through. Despite manufacturer claims to the contrary, there is one hell of a crash waiting on the other side of the bottle, so as soon as someone tosses it back that clock starts ticking.

Filion Creme: A decadent dessert typically served in places where champagne is on the low-end of the drinks menu, this fluffy, chilled sweet lingers on the tongue long after the last bite has been devoured. What makes it even more unique (and popular in several circles filled with the famous and beautiful) is that it has practically no calories in it, and it can help settle the stomach after a rich meal. Which are, typically, the only sort it's served with.

Gradeon: A near-universal condiment, gradeon is a thick mixture of vinegars and sucrose that will last for literal centuries if it's kept properly sealed within an air-tight container. The taste is strong enough that it can drown out the worst food preparation mistakes, and still be detected even by someone suffering from partial sensory deadening due to sudden atmospheric changes. A favorite of those who spend a lot of time in transit, or on void vessels that can spend years in space, this bright yellow sauce is a requirement for getting a proper meal down under difficult circumstances.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and one page is ads.

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