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RPG Item: The Fall of Mith: Aeteum
Publisher: Tim P. GMing
Year: 2021
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
84 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

The third in a series of adventures that will be turned into the entirety of the Fall of Mith campaign. It will be made up six smaller adventures released as one-shots. Anyone who owns all of the one-shots will be entitled to a PDF copy of the full campaign when it is released.

Aeteum is a three to four session adventure taking place after Mithos Manor, and The Siege. But it also designed to be able to be chopped up and put into any campaign or can be run as a piece where you want the party to help retake a city (with some editing of course.) It's designed for four level six adventurers to partake in. The module itself consists of fire fully populated maps making up four buildings in the city for the party to help by retaking. They're all packed full of all kinds of goodies, look below for the breakdown.

The adventure itself is one big fight to retake the capital of Mith, Aeteum. Ok, it's actually a lot of little fights. The party starts the day by retaking a tower and another building (not to spoil it to anyone reading this.) Then the party heads over to retake a crypt, and finally, help to reclaim the city center building on the final day. This adventure's outcome of the adventure relies heavily on the actions of the party, and their past actions. It can end in utter defeat and the overrunning of the mithians, to an outstanding victory where, while still many mithians die, more live and the city is reclaimed.

Adventure contents:
  • Five fully furnished color maps. Totaling four different buildings.
  • Three new custom major NPCs with custom stats and pictures. *Six returning from the previous modules!... Assuming the party managed to save them.
  • Nine new custom monsters/NPCs each with stats and pictures. And a whopping 24 returning custom monsters and NPCs. (I mean it's the capital, there's a lot of stuff in there.)
  • Eight new custom magic items, five combat focused, two wonderous, and one potion. The two combat items also have pictures. There's also a few returning favorites, like two more potions and a few more combat consumables.
  • Thirteen legendary items designed to scale that they may accompany the adventurers throughout their travels. The intent is only to reward them with one item, but if the Shard of the Gem of Wisdom (the intended reward) is not of interest to your party there are 12 others, consisting of one breastplate, three other accessory, and eight weapons, each one having a picture with it.
  • Two custom feats, one designed around a Mithian combat style and one around the Gilden's combat style.
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